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  • Modern Methods of Construction Design
    … a stand, which allows adjustment and monitoring of loading forces of the towing ball in two axes … 3D virtual model of towing hitch for FEA was created by reverse engineering using 3D scanner Atos … The paper presents results of FEA in comparison with the results of photogram- metric measurements performed on … … was tested on towing hitch WESTFALIA (2007), which is used for towing of trailer or truck at …
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  • What thickness metal? [Archive] - WeldingWeb™ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts
    Just don't extend the center of the new lowered ball too far, so you don't add more … Just remember when welding on hitches that if it breaks or comes loose YOU are liable for … … is rather than changing your hitch you could modify the tongue on the trailer and add some … I would also replace the attaching bolts with Grade 8 SAE or Metric 10.9 stuff.
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