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  • Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors-Image
    Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors - (254 companies)
    Military (MIL-SPEC) connectors are built in accordance with military specifications. Their design takes into account the need to protect the connection from environmental factors, allowing them to be used in military and aerospace applications...
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  • Product and Component Testing Services-Image
    Product and Component Testing Services - (1687 companies)
    ...or MIL-STD 810. Product and component testing services provide evaluation of finished products or component through performance in electrical, life, environmental exposure, dynamic, ergonomic, or other specialized tests. The objectives of product...
  • High Voltage Power Supplies-Image
    High Voltage Power Supplies - (202 companies)
    ...caused by high voltage A.C. Electric traction systems and/or high voltage A.C. Power supply systems. MIL-PRF-62071 - Power supply: high voltage, solid state, 24 volts, direct current. Image credits: Acopian Power Supplies | Alpha Technologies Ltd.
    Gas and Vapor Barriers - (112 companies) reduce tarnishing of the showpieces and for insect de-infestation. Types. There are a variety of barriers used to help prevent gas and vapor intrusion, including: Sheet membrane: Commonly made from 40 to 60 mil high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Fluid...
  • IP Cores-Image
    IP Cores - (110 companies)
    Intellectual property (IP) cores are pre-designed, pre-tested, integrated circuits or boards of industry-standard functions that can be easily used in embedded applications. Generally IP cores are treated as intellectual property and are licensed to OEMs.
    Switch Sealing Boots - (52 companies)
    ...for specialized applications. Some boots are manufactured to military specifications (MIL-SPEC). Others are shielded, armored, or contain a secondary inner seal. Shielded boots provide protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency...
    Aerospace Bearings - (86 companies) accordance with U.S. government military specifications (MIL-SPEC) and made from stainless steel or other metals or materials that are resistant to corrosion, shock, and temperature extremes. Aerospace bearings are available in several different...
    Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products - (299 companies)
    Petroleum products and mineral oil products include substances such as fluids and greases.
    IC Bus Interfaces and Controllers - (99 companies)
    ...and controllers must adhere to the American programming interface (API) standards. Related Standards. SMD 5962-84069 - Microcircuit, digital, cmos, bus controller, monolithic silicon. MIL-M-38510/423 - Microcircuits, digital, schottky ttl, system...
    Reticles - (24 companies)
    Specialized reticles are available for ballistics, firearms, and gun sighting applications. The tactical military reticle (TMR) is a variation of the Mil Dot design. It features vertical and horizontal crosshairs with tick marks or lines that are variously...

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  • Encyclopedia of Tribology
    MIL-L- 7808 MIL - PRF -23699 MIL-PRF-7808 MIL-L-27502 A key oxidation and corrosion stability test for these fluids is ASTM D 4636/FTMS 5307/FTMS 5308, often run at hotter temperatures than for mineral oil–based formu- lations.