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    Antenna Mounts - (25 companies)
    Antenna mounts are used to hold and support antennas of all sizes and shapes. The antenna collects the electromagnetic signal and sends it to the receiver. There are many types of antennas and mounts including for radio, television, global...
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    Antennas - (1117 companies)
    External. Antennas that are attached or located externally to the radio transmitter, receiver, transceiver, or waveguide. The unit may be freestanding on the ground or mounted on a mast, tower, portable hand radio, building, vehicle, or plane...
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    Radar Systems and Products - (180 companies)
    ...or underwater. Radar systems and radar products transmit pulses of electromagnetic waves through a directional antenna. Objects that intercept those waves reflect them back to the radar system receiver where the signal is processed into electronic data...
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    Horn Antennas - (62 companies)
    ...components in short range radar systems, particularly those used by law-enforcement personnel to measure the speeds of approaching or retreating vehicles. Related Information. IEEE Spectrum --Smart Antennas Could Open Up New Spectrum for 5G. IEEE...
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    Chip Antennas - (78 companies) be mounted within the device in a vertical orientation. This puts the null zones immediately overhead and below the antenna, thereby propagating waves in other directions. Radiation pattern of a vertical chip antenna. Impedance Matching. By matching...
    Radar Absorbing Materials - (9 companies)
    ...electronics usage examples include antennas, car radios, mobile phones, and telecommunications base stations. Related Information. CR4 Community --Jet Fighters Escaping Radar. CR4 Community --This Is China's Secret Stealth Strike Fighter. IEEE Spectrum...
    Mirror Mounts - (20 companies) mount. Mirror mounts have adjustable optical axis height, orthogonal tip-tilt adjustments, and a non-obscuring custom mirror cell. Mirror mounts are generally used for mounting antennas onto the mirror arms of trucks; however they can be used on other...
    Antenna Design Software - (13 companies)
    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Antenna design software is used...
    Weather Radar Systems - (7 companies) time, and frequency shift, for example --to determine the type and intensity of precipitation. Weather radar systems typically transmit radiation via a magnetron or klystron tube connected to a parabolic antenna. The pilot training video below...
    Laser Mounts - (14 companies)
    Laser mounts are devices that keep a laser in position on an optical table. Laser mounts are devices that keep the optical components of a lens in position. There are many different types of products. Types of Laser Mounts. Cylindrical laser mounts...

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  • Principles of Modern Radar: Volume 3: Radar Applications
    The analog meter, calibrated in units of MPH , is on the left of the figure … … unit is in the middle, and the radar transceiver assembly that contains the antenna and RF components is on the right side, mounted on a window clip.
  • Use of ground-penetrating radar for asphalt thickness determination
    Radar data were collected in both static and dynamic modes using the van- mounted horn antenna illustrated in Figure 2. … 1.5 m (5 ft) and at speeds of 70 to 90 km/h (45 to 55 mph ).
  • A low cost, radio controlled blimp as a platform for remote sensing
    … speed of .- 30 mph will allow it to operate in wind speeds of up to 30 mph . The radar antennas will be mounted on a stabilizing platform suspended from the blimp by a stabilizing pin to minimize the impact of random motion on the radar system.
  • A comparison on texture classification algorithms for remote sensing data
    The radar was mounted on a truck and moved at speeds of 20 to 30 mph . Sampling density was 10 scans per meter for both antennas .
    The antennas were mounted on the test trailer as shown in figure 8.4. Radar data were collected for the outer wheel path while the unit was moving at approximately 16 kph (10 mph ).
  • AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel
    … elevation narrative 0.2° (RMS) 0.2 RMS height antenna stabilisation sensitivity noise figure clutter rejection Resolution azimuth elevation range Operation data refresh rate duty cycle IFF/SSR modes antenna gain gain over a … … 81 km/h; 50.3 mph ; 22.5 m/s) (operating … The first production configuration AN/MPQ-64 radar was delivered to the US Army in June 1993 and the first operational 'light' AN/MPQ-64 mounted on a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) was rolled out during July 1994.
  • Farm equipment collision avoidance using only homodyne radar
    The antenna system consists of one forward and one rearward pointing antenna , each with an approximate 24 … The radar signal processor is built into the SWS transmitter and uses a Texas Instruments digital signal … The system is capable of achieving a Doppler resolution of 1 mile per hour ( mph ). … are used to determine if the vehicle on which the SWS transmitter is mounted is moving or …
  • FLAPS reflector antennas
    This fabrication technique significantly reduces the mounting and posi- tioning requirements, which results in a much lower-cost antenna system. … antenna sys- tem is designed for rapid deployment and is capable of withstanding winds of 70 mph . This fabrication tech- nique is also applicable to large aperture air traffic control radar applications.
  • Oborona-14 early-warning radar
    Computer-based data pick-up equipment is mounted in the radar equipment van and data collection equipment is mounted on stationary command and control posts. … radar equipment is carried by six transportation units - two semi-trailers carry the antenna -mast assembly, two … … 98% 98 wind speed narrative 58.3 kt (108.0 km/h; 67.1 mph ; 30 m/s) (max …
  • 96L6 surveillance radar
    Truck and trailer-mounted 966AA00 antenna set incorporating the 966AA01 antenna , an SES-75, SES-75M or equivalent model of electrical generator and power-distribution system, plus cables; and Truck and trailer- mounted 966FF00 installation incorporating the 966FF03 shelter and SES-75/ … 96L6 surveillance radar Dimensions and weights length width height diameter weight material System Performance Transmission beamwidth, transmit beamwidth, receive dynamic … … 50 min storage temperature relative humidity wind speed narrative 58.3 kt (108.0 km/h; 67.1 mph ; 30 m/s) (max) 30 …