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    Collision Sensors - (17 companies)
    Collision sensors are used to protect robots from colliding with other objects. Noncontact sensors are used to help robots avoid these collisions. Description. Robotic collision sensors are essentially end-effectors that protect robots from being...
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    Pre-trip Compliance
    Emergency Reset Switch
  • Collision Avoidance Sensors-Image
    Collision Avoidance Sensors - (28 companies)
    Collision avoidance sensors use various types of proximity sensors to detect the presence of an object or obstruction. Collision avoidance sensors (CAS), or collision sensors, detect an object in the path of a moving vehicle so the human operator...
  • Industrial Cranes-Image
    Industrial Cranes - (965 companies)
    Industrial cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track. Types of Industrial Cranes. Bench or cart-mounted cranes are designed for small workspaces and one-hand operation...
    Collision Avoidance Systems - (30 companies)
    PCAS), Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS), Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS), and Obstacle Collision Avoidance Systems (OCAS). Radar, laser position sensors and radio frequency transponder interrogation are some of the technologies...
    Crane and Rigging Services - (113 companies)
    ...and may be portable or stationary. Gantry cranes vary in size from small workstations to very large, heavy-duty construction cranes. Features. Many crane services provide: bridge or overhead cranes. mobile or truck-mounted cranes. boom cranes. tower...
    Crane and Hoist Repair Services - (65 companies)
    The equipment that crane repair and hoist repair services can treat include overhead cranes, gantry cranes, boom cranes, hoists, festooning systems, controls upgrades and maintenance, air hoists, balancers, electric chain hoists, hand chain hoists...
    Overhead Trolleys - (93 companies)
    Overhead trolleys are conveyors that consist of a continuous loop of chain or cable that is suspended from a track. Carriers are attached periodically to hang or contain products. There are several different types of overhead trolleys. Manual...
    Tilt Sensors - (154 companies)
    Tilt sensors measure tilt angle with reference to the earth 's ground plane. How to Select Tilt Sensors. Tilt sensors are devices that produce an electrical output that varies with angular movement. They are sometimes referred to as inclinometers...
    Anti-seize Compounds - (106 companies)
    Anti-seize compounds, anti-stick compounds, and thread lubricants are applied to threads to prevent binding or sticking bolts or fasteners. Anti-seize compounds, also known as anti-stick compounds or thread lubricants, prevent threaded couplings...
    Overhead Doors - (179 companies)
    Garage doors are designed to enclose and protect the entrances to garages and other large structures. Overhead doors, also known as garage doors, are designed to enclose and protect the entrances to garages and other large structures...

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  • A comparative analysis of sliding mode controllers for overhead cranes
    The required performance for an overhead crane is to transport the payload to the required position as fast and as accurately as possible without collision with other equipment and without load oscillations around orthogonal axes. .... swing angles must be kept as small as possible making use of appropriate sensor devices and control .... The control problem of the anti -swing is an under-actuated problem since there are five variables…
  • Safe Automatic Emergency Stop Control of Gantry Crane Including Moving Obstacles in Its Workspace
    For the real time detection of moving obstacles in work space of crane , we’ve also proposed a real time interference checking method using three dimensional camera, where the calculation cost is small because the collision check is done in the sensor space. .... 107, (1985), pp97-100 [3] I. Morishita and K. Deguchi, Microcomputer Control of Overhead Travelling Cranes for … 5, (2000), pp728-736 (in Japanese) [8] N. Yanai, M. Yamamoto, A. Mohri, Anti -Sway Control for…
  • New device allows safe and fast access to Large Space Simulator | EurekAlert! Science News
    During previous test campaigns, if test engineers wanted to make checks or modifications to a spacecraft or system in the LSS, they were dangled on a special harness inside the chamber from an overhead crane , the so-called 'Flying Dutchman' operator. .... posed safety problems, for example the operator could, due to a wrong manoeuvre, collide with equipment, damage .... For the new SPAD, an anti -collision system was built in by fitting ultrasonic and contact sensors to the basket.
  • Interval Analysis Approach to Prototype the Robust Control of the Laboratory Overhead Crane
    Keywords: overhead crane , control system prototyping, fuzzy scheduling, interval arithmetic . .... a payload as fast as possible from point to point with avoidance of collision with obstacles, and .... The open loop anti -sway crane control are sensitive to disturbances owing to lack of sway angle … angle measurement system using encoders, thus, some works report the Hall- effect magnetic sensors [6-7], machine…
  • Real world implementation of fuzzy anti-swing control for behavior-based intelligent crane system
    The fuzzy controller provides a mechanism for dealing with imprecise sensor data. .... The anti -swing behaviors are successfully implemented by formulatinga set of fuzzy rules. .... Overhead cranes have the potential of handling loads of hundreds of tons and are widely used in many fields of the industry [I]. .... crane starts to swing away from its vertical position, it can result in collisions , spilling of hazardousmaterial…
  • Swing angle estimation for anti-sway overhead crane control using load cell
    …swing angle estimation are based on measurement by camera vision, acceleration, or some other type of sensor . .... Keywords: Load cell, overhead cranes , swing angle estimation, vision sensoreless. .... operators or by disturbances as are typically induced by motor drive transients, wind, and collision with objects. .... Workshop immunity and operational standards have motivated many researchers to study anti -swing control of cranes.
  • Advances in Neural Networks – ISNN 2016
    …methods based on the idea of input shaping, which can suppress the payload swing with few sensors . .... Trajectory planning methods are also used to control overhead crane systems, which can treat various of constraints conveniently [13,14]. .... An anti -sway position control method is design for an automated transfer crane in [21], which uses .... To deal with this, overhead cranes may need to brake emergently to avoid acci- dents like collision .
  • Research on Overhead crane training system and its construction based on virtual reality
    …driver's cab structural design, reasonable layout of the control box, and display devices, sensors , power supply, as .... On the basis of the above, we focus on the timeliness and anti ­ jamming of the .... The system is a set of simulation operating system used in the hands-on training, skills training, safety education and practice of the overhead crane . .... the operation training process, especially when there occur glaring errors, such as a collision , hitting obstacles, gnawing…
  • Stereovision system for overhead travelling crane workspace visualization — Validation approach
    [8] J. Smoczek and J. Szpytko, “Design of gain scheduling anti -sway crane controller using genetic fuzzy system,” Proceedings of IFAC 17th International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics MMAR, 2012, pp. 573-578. .... [10] J. Smoczek, J. Szpytko and P. Hyla, “Non- collision path planning of a payload in crane … Szpytko and P. Hyla, “Disparity compute methods in three- dimensional scene reconstruction for overhead travelling crane work … Ambellouis, S. Lefebvre and F. Cabestaing, “Obstacle detection using a single camera stereo sensor ,” Third International…
  • Anti-collision method of tower crane via ultrasonic multi-sensor fusion
    This paper innovatively employed advanced far distance ultrasonic sensor and multi- sensor fusion to ensure tower cranes did not collide with end walls or other overhead equipment, which is a self-contained range detection system. .... Research on monitoring system of anti -collision for tower cranes”.

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