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    Viscometers - (178 companies)
    Viscometers are used to define the viscous properties of a fluid at ambient or defined temperatures. They commonly come in the form of a calibrated capillary tube through which a liquid is allowed to pass at a controlled temperature in a specified...
    Dynamic Viscosity Range
    Kinematic Viscosity Range
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    Rotameters - (99 companies)
    Rotameters are typically tapered glass tubes positioned vertically in the fluid flow. A float within the tube rides upward in relation to the amount of flow. Rotameters are also known as variable area flow meters. Variable area flow meters work...
    Viscosity Standards and Reference Fluids - (12 companies)
    Viscosity standards and reference fluids are oils, fluids, greases, or gels with stable and verified viscosity values and flow properties for calibration of viscometers, rheometers, and other standards. Viscosity standards and reference fluids...
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    Gas Flow Meters - (415 companies)
    Gas flow meters are used for measuring the flow or quantity of a moving gas in an enclosed pipe or passage.
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    Liquid Flow Meters - (584 companies)
    ...elbow tap meters, and rotameters. Positive displacement flow meters divide the liquid into specific increments which are counted by mechanical or electronic techniques. PD devices are often used for high-viscosity fluids. True mass flow meters are used...
    Test Equipment and Instrument Repair Services - (385 companies)
    ...instruments, process controllers and control systems, spectrometers, temperature instruments, viscometers and rheometers, and water quality instruments. Inspection tools and NDT equipment: coordinate measuring machines (CMM), dimensional gages...
    Test Equipment and Instrument Rental Services - (118 companies)
    ...pressure instruments, process controllers and control systems, spectrometers, temperature instruments, viscometers and rheometers, and water quality instruments. Inspection tools and NDT equipment: coordinate measuring machines (CMM), dimensional...
    Flow Meters - (1600 companies)
    ...meters, flow nozzles, laminar flow elements, orifice plates, Pitot tubes, rotameters, target meters, variable area flow meters, and Venturi tubes. Positive displacement flow meters divide the media into specific increments which can be counted...
    Velocity Flow Switches - (67 companies)
    ...type of unit in use today. Examples of differential pressure meters include orifice plates, Venturi tubes, flow nozzles, cone types, Pitot tubes, target meters, elbow tap meters and rotameters. Positive displacement meters take direct measurements...
    Flow Controllers - (411 companies)
    Flow controllers monitor and maintain flow-rate variables, typically in process applications.

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  • Viscosity of Liquids
    Ultrasonic viscometers A number of viscometers are also available that combine features of two or three types of viscometers noted above, such as Friction tube, Norcross, Brookfield, Viscosity sensitive rotameter , and Continuous consistency viscometers.
    --Force- type viscometers usually indicate absolute viscosity directly in centipoise units. … a t a fixed rate of shear, and (4) position of viscosity-sensitive rotameter float when the …
    purged with dry air at 150 ml/min using a rotameter during the reaction. The kinematic viscosity (υ) of the solution was determined by the transit time of the solution (t) flowing through the capillary of the cross-arm type viscometers (universal size no. 2 .
  • Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering
    … and depositing this sample into a cup where the viscosity is measured by a rota- tional viscometer . This type of measurement will have a longer response time than a truly in-line measurement. 6.3.3 Viscosity Sensitive Rotameter .
  • Importance of agitation in acetone‐butanol fermentation
    … 80-100) mesh Porapak Q; column temperature 70°C; injection port temperature 130°C;detector type , thermal con- ductivity … The total fermen- tation gas flowrate was measured by a rotameter (model S & K 1875)and … Viscosity of the fermentation broth was measured by a Brookfield Synchro electric viscometer (Model RV), and its …
  • Methyl Soyate as a Fuel in a Diesel Tractor
    Cannon type viscometers operating at 100 °C were used for more accurate determinations. The equipment used included a rotameter and surge tank to measure blowby, an air temperature and humidity …
  • ISA AUTOMTN SYS INST DICT - Automation, Systems, and Instrumentation Dictionary
    rotating-cup viscometer A laboratory device for measuring viscosity in terms of the drag torque on a … rotating meter See velocity- type flowmeter. Rotameter .
    Two advantages of this type of equipment are that it can be pressurized in such a man … THEORY OF THE FALLING-BALL VISCOMETER The development of formulae for rotameters with spherical floats treats the flow of fluid past the float as if the ball were .
  • Study on the Gas Holdup of Triangular Pitch and Square Pitch Sparger Geometry in Bubble Column
    The column was also equipped with appropriate rotameters for gas phase flow measurement and control. The liquid phase viscosity was measured with the Cannon – Fenske (Schott) viscometer . In the first experiments for gas-liquid systems the two types of perforated spargers covering whole cross …
  • Gas absorption in laminar falling films of pseudoplastic liquids
    … of carbon dioxide was measured di- rectly by means of a sorp-film meter and two rotameters . … concentrationin the liquid was measured by using a gas chromatograph (TCD, KOR-70 type , Gasukuro Kogyo Co.). The power-law parameters, m and n,of the kaolin slurries used in this study were measured with a capillary tube vis- cometer .

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