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  • The Bjerknes effect: Explaining pulsed‐flow behavior in bubble columns
    The gas flow rate was controlled by use of a pressure regulator and a needle valve. … me- ter, whereas for high-gas flow rates a totalizing dry test meter ( Singer DTM-200) was …
  • Near‐critical phenomena and resolution in supercritical fluid chromatography
    The flow rates through the system were obtained by measur- ing the time required for a known volume of gas to pass through a Singer model DTM-115 dry test meter. … than approximately 22.0 L/h could not be maintained, since the Tescom backpressure regulator behaved erratically at …
  • Comparison of supercritical CO 2 and hexane extraction of lipids from sorghum distillers grains
    The pressures in the extractor and separator were each maintained by a back-pressure reg- ulator (Series 26-1700; Tescom Co., Elk River, MN, USA) and monitored by a pressure gauge. The exit fluid of CO2 from the separator was expanded to ambient pressure through a flow meter (Series 10A3500; Fischer & Porter, Warminster PA, USA) and a gas totalizer ( Singer Model DTM-200; Singer American Meter Division, Philadelphia, PA, USA).
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    … of radiotelegraphy, 298MMhn, J. E., electronic interaction in electrical discharges through gases, 153 Callendar, G. S., with G. B. B. Mt. Sutherland, infra-red absorption spectra of atmospheric gases , 1348 Calleadar, H. V … … Johnston and G. H. Singer , Tr, analogue computer for … Anacom compteterand analysisof rototrol ltattge regulators , 2547 CarlIn, B., Ultrasonics, (B)3032 Carlin, H. L., tIroad band …
  • Forensically Robust Detection of the Presence of Morpholine in Apples—Proof of Principle
    Studies of the occurrence of morpholine in food have been limited but include determination by gas chromatography after extraction and derivatisation with p-toluenesulfonyl chloride ( Singer and Lijinsky 1976), with benzenesulfonyl chloride (Hamano et al. 1981; Pfundstein et al. 1991) or with … … in specified areas where there is an actual or potential dispute between food businesses and a regulator .
    Pressure was controlled by a back pressure regulator . … tape at the exit end to prevent irregular flow due to cooling effect of the expanding gas . The remaining solvent gas passed through a flow totalizer ( Singer American Meter Division, Philadelphia, Pa.) and total …
    … their services, we contract into a bundle of obligations with them and their regulators , as they do … … envisaged by Green is perhaps closer to those who drive off from a gas station without paying … … we shall have occasion to refer in greater detail in the next chapter, Singer in fact appeals …
  • Enrichment of tocols from rice germ oil using supercritical carbon dioxide
    gas cylinder and passed into the temperature exchange coil. The pressure of the system was controlled by a back pressure regulator (Tescom, Elk River, MN, USA … … a flow meter (Fischer and Porter, Warminster, PA, USA) and a flow totalizer ( Singer American Meter Division …
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    … associated as Vice President in Charge of Engineering and Research with the Askania Regulator Com- pany in … His responsibilities in- cluded development of steel mill-coke oven gas mixing controls and systems, process control … … pres- ent, he is Tarrytown Staff Assistant in In- ternational Sales of the Singer Company, New York …
    In the system described above, the methane cylinder  regulator  was heated either intermittently  or continuously to counteract expansion cooling of the fuel; this was not an issue for the other  constituents that are provided at much lower  gas  flow rates. Downstream of this tee, fuel flowed through a factory‐calibrated  temperature‐compensating dry gas meter (American Meter AC250‐TC) and a dry test meter  ( Singer  DTM‐115) en route to the appliance.