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  • Advances in Manufacturing Science and Engineering
    The purposive latching process is used to form the vertical comb actuator, and this makes our design … [1] Roy J, Whitcomb L L: IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation Vol.18(2002), p.121 … Two slide blocks are equipped in the front steel plate 17 while it’s back equipped with two …
  • New Materials and Processes
    D. Whitcomb ,Y. Modeling the welding process of the Low Alloy Ferritic Steels T/P23 and T/P24 … transfer of data of corresponding two rows of upper and lower panel, a latch clock (LC) is …
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II
    [7] J. C. Kinsey and L. L. Whitcomb : Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics … … a certain direction spreads at different rates in the oil (or gas, water), steel , soil rock, but … Because in every clock cycle, photon counter should latch and clear data.
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011 Complete Document
    [12] M. J. Anderson and P. J. Whitcomb , … carried out by creating a vortex in the melt using a mechanical stainless steel stirrer coated with … … signal is outputted from CPU data bus, and then transmitted through 74LS273 data latches , to drive the …
  • Movable Bridge Engineering Complete Document
    Whitcomb Bayou Steel Br. End latches , balanced, 203, 304, 331.