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Lockers from FlickrLockers are small cabinets — usually grouped in numbers — used for storing personal belongings. They are found in schools, workplaces, transportation stations, and locker rooms (changing rooms). Lockers normally have a locking mechanism to provide security. Those found in schools and locker rooms generally are outfitted with a latch that can be locked by the user while lockers found in transportation stations and public locations are coin operated. 


Lockers are constructed of metal, plastic, or wood and are rectangular in shape.  Lockers can be a solid or a wire mesh construction. Lockers can come assembled or unassembled and can have single or multiple tiers. Widths and heights can vary greatly 


  • Lockers from WikimediaShelves to help organize user's belongings
  • Doors or open design - Open lockers are used in rooms where individual locks are not needed because they are placed in a location where the room itself can be locked
  • Doors can swing outward or slide sideways
  • Integrated key, combination locks, or without locks
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • Ventilated or sealed.
  • Electronic access and integrated lighting

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