Window, Glass, and Glazing Services Information

Window, glass and glazing services install glass windows, blocks, doors, walls, and other architectural elements. Some companies also design and install custom glass surfaces and mirrors. Glass windows are used in most residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and differ in terms of shape, size, and type. Glass blocks or glass bricks admit light, but are designed to obscure a room or building interior. Glass doors include a wide range of decorative and functional products. Glass walls may be mirrored, transparent, or opaque. Like glass doors, they are rated for either indoor or outdoor use. Decorative glass mirrors are design elements used on walls, doors, tabletops, and other surfaces. Some window, glass and glazing services install mirrors for automotive applications.

Supplier Capabilities

Window, glass and glazing services differ in terms of supplier capabilities. For example, window installation services may install factory-made components or design and install custom windows. Before installing new windows, a technician measures rough openings and protects surrounding surfaces from the ingress of water. Next, the window installer levels the windowsill to ensure that the jamb is plumb and the entire opening is square. If the window manufacturer has supplied metal flashing to cover the top of the window frame, the installer then caulks the top of the window. As a final step, window installation services fit the sash inside the window frame and insulate the structure against drafts. Windows with low emissivity (low-e) glass coatings help to prevent heat loss.


Some window, glass and glazing services specialize in window repairs or install mainly replacement windows. Window repairs include replacing broken window glass and fixing a damaged sash or frame. Replacement windows are new windows that mount within an existing wooden window frame. They differ from new construction windows, which have a nailing fin along the outer frame. Window repair services and window replacement services include glazers who can repair or replace bay, bow, or double-hung windows, as well as sliders and patio doors. Window glazing services can recommend replacement glass with different colors and opacity, and may also be able to install replacement glass mirrors. Specialty window, glass and glazing services are also available.

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