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medical electronics connectorsmedical electronics connectorsmedical electronics connectors

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Medical electronics connectors are used with medical devices and medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, and other healthcare facilities.



Product Specifications


They carry product specifications for category, connector type, gender, and mounting style. 




Product categories for medical electronics connectors include:


  • Circular and cylindrical products are multi-pin devices that are used primarily for external interfacing. By design, these medical electronics connectors protect the connection from environmental factors.
  • Coaxial connectors are often used in applications that require the transmission of large amounts of data.
  • Micro connectors and nano connectors have contacts with pitches of 0.05-inch (micro) and 0.025-inch (nano), respectively.
  • Heavy-duty rectangular connectors are designed to accommodate large electrical loads and direct signals under a multitude of operating conditions. 

Connector Types


There are two main choices for connector type: banana and safety.


  • Banana plugs are slender, slightly bulged metal prongs that can be inserted into a special banana jack that sits almost flush with the component’s surface, or that fits into a binding post.

  • Safety jacks and safety plugs are special medical electronics connectors that include safety features not found in other products.



In terms of gender, male medical electronics connectors are designed to plug into female medical electronics connectors. These electrical outlets or receptacles are referred to as jacks, whereas male connectors are called plugs. Choices for mounting style include bulkhead mount, PC mount, and 2-hole or 4-hole flange mount; in-line, jam nut, and weld-mount receptacle; and cable-end and end-launch.       


Coupling Type


Medical electronics connectors also differ in terms of coupling type, contact pitch, performance, and features. Products may bear certifications such as the UL Listing Mark or the VDE Component Mark; comply with standards from the CSA, IEC, or NEMA; or meet the requirements of European Union directives such as RoHS.   


Performance Specifications



In addition to coupling types and contact pitch, medical electronics connectors are described by performance specifications and features. Impedance, voltage rating, number of contacts, and contact size (termination size) are important performance parameters to consider.




In terms of features, some medical electronics connectors use an advanced coupling type or are both couplings and connectors.


Coupling / Adapter 

The connector is a coupling.  A coupling connects to another connector, or is used to connect to a panel-mounted base.  An adapter can be used to connect two cables with different style connectors. 

Cryogenic Use 

The connector can be used in a cryogenic (subfreezing) environment. 

EMI or RFI Filter / ESD Shield 

The connector has a filter to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and/or shielding to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) or EMI. 

Environment Resistant 

The connector can be used in a hazardous chemical environment. 

Hermetically Sealed 

The connector is hermetically sealed, allowing no internal moisture leakage. 


Provision to lock connector to prevent unauthorized or inadvertent disconnection. 

Moisture / Oil Resistant 

The connector has gaskets or seals to protect against moisture, oil, or other contaminants. 

Quick Connect / Disconnect 

Connector incorporates a quick-connect mating geometry, typically by twisting and seating for positive contact.  Used where one connector can be disconnected quickly to connect to another machine or device. 

Reverse Polarity 

A reverse polarity connector is one with the opposite sex pin inside, to prevent it from being able to be mated with a standard component. 

Underwater Use 

The connector can be used in underwater applications. 

Water Resistant Connector 

A connector capable of being used under water permanently. 

Integrated Filter / Magnetics 

The connector has a filter to protect it against unwanted signals, or magnetics to provide filtering, signal conditioning or isolation. 

Press-fit / Solderless Technology 

With press-fit technology the pins of the connectors (especially for board connectors) are not soldered into the PCB (thus avoiding heat stress) but rather are 'pushed (pressed)' into the PCB. 





Search 'medical connectors' in the IHS Standards Store to find relevant standards for the area.



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