Equalizers Information

Equalizers from sourceEqualizers, also called harmonic equalizers, are electronic devices used to balance frequency components of electronic signals. Equalizers used in electrical systems, such as battery equalizers or power supply equalizers maintain balanced loads to prevent overcurrent and potential damage to the system. Please note that this area does not include audio equalizers.

These devices are frequently used in analog and digital communications to render frequency response flat from transmission to reception; this ensures faithful and accurate reception of the original signal. Modern digital subscriber lines (DSL) also use equalization to counter attenuation distortion when sharing wires with analog local lines. 

Equalizers eliminates the problems associated with the presence of harmonics such as overload, premature ageing, spurious tipping of protection devices, etc. and increases the lifetime and improves the power factor of installations as well as reducing the current consumed and overall electrical costs. 


Common specifications for equalizers include rated voltage, rated frequency, application power, phase current, and working temperature.

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