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Motion control softwareMotion control software uses advanced algorithms for programming, monitoring, and optimizing digital motion control products. Motion control software can be used to control everything from servo hardware components to robotic assembly units across wired and wireless network systems. Motion control systems typically handle multiple types of platforms such as PC software that utilizes double precision-point calculations through the arithmetic logic units (ALU) of today’s high-speed processors to computerized numerical control (CNC motion control) systems. Motion control software is also used to communicate with motion control cards installed at the PC board level. These cards vary in specification, but all are designed to provide multi-axis (e.g., one-, two-, three-, or four-directional) motion control for brushed servo, brushless servo, stepping, and microstepping motors. Common card standards include peripheral component interconnect (PCI) cards, PC-based Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) cards, and PC/104 connection cards.


Advanced motion control typically deals with four-axes cards that, when used with motion control software, results in up to 32 axes of coordinated motion control for robotics and servomotor systems. Such advanced software is utilized by specialists in motion control engineering firms that specialize in aeronautics and space flight systems, and computerized transit networks. Process control engineers in manufacturing also utilize proportional-integral-derivative (PID) methodologies through PID controllers. These devices receive signals from sensors that correct for faults based on a predefined set-point and some computerized process to hold and monitor a specific measurement.


RS232 control software, later renamed EIA232, is a type of motion control software based on a pre-defined standard developed by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). This software is designed to monitor standards such as:

  • mechanical connectors
  • information exchange protocols
  • signal functions
  • signal timing
  • signal voltages

The type of motion control software to be acquired depends on the type of motion control tasks needed. Some motion control software specializes in precise movements required in everything from macro and micro manufacturing, and others specialize in digital motion capture, control, and repetition useful in computer-based simulators. The costs can also vary based on corporate needs.

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