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Aluminum Framing Systems Information

The extruded aluminium construction profiles are provided with grooves which can be used in conjunction with connecting elements and can also perform a whole range of additional functions.Aluminum framing systems are modular systems assembled from extruded aluminum profiles. They include accessories that are used to build machine frames, jigs, and many other types of industrial products. Most aluminum framing systems require the assembly of aluminum framing components that are shaped into profiles. Selecting an aluminum framing system requires a careful analysis of product specifications and supplier capabilities.


Aluminum framing systems and their individual parts are described by a number of specifications, including physical dimensions, weight, treatment, modulus of elasticity, and tolerance.

  • Thickness - thickness of the part or system.
  • Nominal dimension(s) (length, width, depth) - basic dimensions of the system or part.
  • Weight - weight of the system, measured in pounds.
  • Treatment - treatments to the base material that provide corrosion resistance.
  • Modulus of elasticity - description of the system or part's tendency to non-permanently deform under stress.
  • Tolerance - a indication in the permissible limits of variation in any physical dimension specified.


The aluminum framing systems that are used in building and construction applications use either standard aluminum framing or modular aluminum framing. A standard building system usually consists of sheetrock or drywall. By contrast, a modular aluminum framing is prefabricated and includes an aluminum framing stud to increase the weight that a wall can bear. In material handling systems, aluminum framing systems are used to build conveyors that move a variety of industrial products and equipment. In some cases, an aluminum framing system uses modular aluminum framing to promote ease of assembly. Aluminum framing systems are also used in window framing and glazing applications.

Aluminum framing systems are suitable for many different commercial, industrial, and engineering applications. Some aluminum framing systems are used to create material handling systems or automated linear systems. Other aluminum framing system products are used to build NEMA enclosures or IP enclosures. Selecting an aluminum framing system for a safety enclosure may require the selection of a product with a sturdy aluminum framing stud for added support. They are also used in automated linear systems, advanced robotic systems, measurement guides, and multi-axis guides.

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