Link Chain Information


Link chain includes loop, welded, weldless, sash, jack, ball, beaded, plumbers, safety, and coil chains for lifting, securing, lashing, mooring, rigging, security, keeping, traction, actuation and other applications.


Link Chain Materials


Plastic chain may consist of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with nylon line and metal links. HDPE is a thermoplastic with good friction and mechanical properties. Nylon is a polyamide engineering resin that is used to mold plastic parts. The metal links in plastic chain provide additional strength. Vinyl-coated metal chain is also commonly available. Applications include playgrounds and fences. For commercial and industrial applications, uncoated metal chain is used. Metal materials of construction include aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum-coated steel. Specialty link chain is also available.


Types of Link Chain


There are many different types of link chain. Single-loop chain is used to suspend pipes, overhead doors, and valves. It is stronger and heavier than weldless chain of the same wire diameter. Double-loop chain is a general-purpose product that is often made from stainless steel and covered in a vinyl sleeve. Sash chain is a flat, metal chain that is used to operate pulleys in windows and sashes. Single-jack chain is used to hang signs and light fixtures. Double-jack chain is used for these same applications. Plumbers chain is used to support plumbing fixtures. Register chains and pump chains are also available for commercial applications. Safety chain is used between two vehicles, such as a truck and a car, in towing applications. Link chain also includes various types of ball chain and beaded chain.


Certifications and Specifications


Selecting link chain may require an understanding of certifications. For example, the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) defines standards for welded steel chain. This specification covers alloy chain, coil chain, high test chain, machine chain, proof coil chain, passing link chain, transport chain, and stainless steel chain. Alloy chain is heat-treated for added strength and used in overhead lifting, sling, and tie-down applications. Coil chain is made from carbon steel and has either long-pitch straight links or twist links. High test chain is also made from carbon steel, but used mainly in agricultural, construction, and lumber operations. Machine chain, proof coil chain, and transport chain are also commonly available. Stainless steel chain is corrosion-resistant and used in food processing, marine and high-temperature environments.


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