Optical Tables Information

Optical tables dampen working surfaces with superior flatness.  They are used in the precision mounting of optical components. Optical tables are flat and rigid structures suited for aligning and testing sub-assemblies. An optical table can also be used for incorporating in OEM system. Breadboard tables are widely used in laboratories. An optical table provides necessary electronic connections to the electronic circuits mounted on it. On optical breadboard tables, five holes in each column are electrically connected to each other and are insulated from holes present in other columns. While completing an electronic circuit on optical breadboard tables, it is necessary to make sure that the breadboard table is not connected to the direct AC power supply. There are many types of optical tables and breadboards. Examples include a workbench and smooth granite tables. A workbench is used in laboratories for non-critical, simple optical alignment tests. A smooth granite table is used in optical setups where optical components are required to be inadvertently moved. Other optical tables and breadboards are commonly available.


There are several ways in which optical tables function. An optical table functions by mounting electronic components on the breadboard table. After designing an electronic circuit on a breadboard table using breadboard levelers, an electric current is allowed to flow through the posts and post holders holding the electronic components to check the efficient working of the designed electronic circuit. Optical tables and breadboards are made up of stainless steel and are 2 mm thick. The density of posts and post holders present on the breadboard table is 13.3 lbs/feet. The thickness of the walls of the optical table and breadboard should be 50 mm. In addition, the sidewalls should have high pressure laminate coating. Optical tables and optical breadboards are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Optical tables are used in many applications. Examples include holography, missile guidance, laser beam system, and biological detection. In addition, optical tables and breadboards are widely used in research applications. Optical tables should adhere to the standards used for the designing Model 9510 standard breadboard.