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Polarizer mountPolarizer mounts are used to hold and support polarizers. A polarizer is a light filter that only allows light waves of a certain rotation to pass through. Optical polarizer mounts are specialized holders designed for use with a variety of optical assemblies. Polarizer holders are designed as a rotary optic holder to hold and rotate different polarizers.


There are different types of polarizer mounts available. Examples include:

  • standard polarizer mounts
  • polarizing prism mounts
  • precision polarizer mounts

A standard polarizer mount is designed to meet most of the standard scientific requirements. A polarizing prism mount is designed to accommodate the standard SQ polarizing prism. Precision polarizer mounts allow optics to be precisely centered in a beam that easily removes and replaces with excellent repeatability. Lens, filter, and polarizer mounts constitute assemblies for various optical experiments. Polarizer mounts may be of fixed, kinematic, or gimbal styles. Other polarizer mounts are commonly available.


Polarizer mounts are available in different sizes and are designed to accept polarizers of different diameters. A polarizer mount is provided with a 360° scaled venier that is rotatable through 360° with increments of one degree. The rotatable part of the mount has a fine adjustment screw that can fix it at any given position. A polarizer mount has the following specifications:

  • optical center height
  • clear aperture
  • maximum component diameter
  • minimum component diameter
  • rotation range
  • resolution

Polarizer holders securely hold the polarizers and are available in two configurations, which are micrometer driven polarizer holders and lever type polarizer holders. Polarizer mounts are designed to meet most industrial specifications.


Polarizer mounts are used in many applications. Fixed mounts are generally used in stacking applications, especially with neutral density filters, as well as a variety of mirrors, beam splitters, and other apparatus. Standard polarizer mounts are used to hold an infrared polarizer. A polarizing prism mount is used to mount standard polarizing prisms.


Polarizer mounts should adhere to standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

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