Asphalt Testing Equipment Information

AsphaltAsphalt testing equipment includes specialized testers, instruments, and devices for evaluating the properties of asphalt or other types of pavement materials.


There are several major categories of products. These include:

  • analyzers
  • compactors
  • mixers
  • laboratories
  • gradation units
  • sampling devices

Asphalt testing equipment also includes products and accessories such as:

  • balances and scales
  • core bits, core clamps, core pullers, core saws, and other coring equipment
  • funnels and glassware
  • hot mix splitters and infrared (IR) temperature guns
  • moisture meters

Pycnometers, rut loggers, sample bags, scoops, sieves, asphalt temperature guns, and asphalt temperature probes are also available.
Asphalt testing equipment includes different types of pavement analyzers and mixers. Choices include loaded wheel testers, pavement rut testers, and asphalt mix verification testers. Loaded wheel testers analyze fatigue cracking, rutting or permanent deformation, and susceptibility to moisture.


Products are rated for hot asphalt mixes, cold asphalt mixes, or both. Some loaded wheel testers meet the requirements of AASHTO TP63-05, a test method from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) for hot mix asphalt. Others meet the provisions of the Hamburg wheel tracking test. Pavement rut testers are specialized loaded wheel testers that are used to evaluate the permanent deformation characteristics of cylindrical and beam samples. Mix verification testers are asphalt testing equipment for rut-testing mixes at asphalt plants.


Categories of asphalt testing equipment include vibratory compactors, gradation units, sampling devices, laboratories, and laboratory mixers. Asphalt vibratory compactors form cylindrical and rectangular species of asphalt mixes that are then tested with asphalt pavement analyzers. Gradation units are particle-size analyzers that conduct a sieve analysis and transfer the data to a computer for further processing and analysis. Asphalt testing equipment also consists of different types of sampling devices. With stopped belt samplers, a cross-sectional sample is removed from a loaded conveyor belt. By contrast, remote truck sampling devices capture a sample of asphalt from a vehicle and deposit the sample into a specimen container. Asphalt laboratories may be skid-mounted or mobile. Both types of asphalt testing equipment can be used to test cold and hot asphalt mixes. Laboratory mixers are used to simulate mixing processes at asphalt plants.

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