Check Point NG/AI: Next Generation with Application Intelligence Security Administration

Before You Begin

This section will prepare you to install the Next Generation product. There are several things that you need to consider prior to installing a firewall. We will discuss each step so that you understand its importance, and guide you in your endeavor to secure your network. The list of minimum system requirements as defined by Check Point is outlined in Table 2.1. You will need to ensure that your hardware meets these requirements at the very least. You can find these online at

Table 2.1: Minimum System Requirements

System Requirement

Primary Management & Enforcement Module

SmartConsole Clients

Operating Systems

Microsoft Win2k Server (SP1, SP2, SP3) Microsoft Win2k Advanced Server (SP1 and SP2) Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Sun Solaris 8 (32- or 64-bit mode)* Sun Solaris 9 (64-bit only)**

RedHat Linux 7.0, 7.2*** and 7.3**** Nokia IPSO 3.7***** Check Point SecurePlatform IBM AIX 5.2

Microsoft Win2k Professional(SP1, SP2, SP3) Microsoft Win2k Server (SP1, SP2) MicrosoftWindows 98SE/ME Mcrosoft Windows XP Home/Professional Windows NT 4.0 SP6a Sun Solaris 8*******

Disk Space

40 MB

55 MB (100 MB for Solaris)


300+ MHz Pentium II (UltraSparc II for Solaris)

300+ MHz Pentium II


128 MB (130 MB for Windows and Linux)

128 MB

Network Interfaces

ATM, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Token Ring

Any supported by the operating system




* You must have patches 108528-17, 113652-01, 109147-18, 109326-07, 108434-01 (32-bit) and 108435-01 (64-bit) or newer on Solaris 8