From Check Point NGX R65 Security Administration

Configuring SmartDefense

To configure SmartDefense follow these steps:

  1. In the SmartDashboard window, click the SmartDefense tab. The SmartDefense Settings window opens.

  2. In the SmartDefense Settings window, select the SmartDefense category on which you want to view information.

  3. To view details of a specific attack, click + to expand the subdivision and then select the desired attack.

  4. Determine from which attacks you need to protect your site, and select Settings to configure the various attack classes as well as the specific attacks.

  5. Install the security policy. You must reinstall the security policy to put into operation changes to the SmartDefense configuration.

Updating SmartDefense with the Latest Defenses

To receive updates of the most recent defenses from the SmartDefense Web site, select SmartDefense Settings General and then click Update SmartDefense.

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