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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Microsoft OCS 2007?

    A: OCS 2007 is the latest version of Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005. This software group delivers enhanced communications to end-users, a software-powered VoIP infrastructure for organizations, and operational control for IT.

  • Q: How does the Web conferencing functionality in OCS 2007 compare with Microsoft Office Live Meeting?

    A: The Web conferencing capabilities in OCS 2007 provide Web conferencing as an on-premises solution existing inside the corporate firewall. Both OCS 2007 and Live Meeting can be accessed using the same client. Whereas Live Meeting is offered as a hosted service, OCS 2007 is provided in-house by the enterprise.

  • Q: Will OCS 2007 interoperate with Live Communications Server 2005?

    A: Yes. While organizations are in the process of migrating, OCS 2007 and Live Communications Server 2005 can interoperate.

  • Q: Can I upgrade from Live Communications Server 2005 to OCS 2007?

    A: Yes. The migration process involves deploying some OCS 2007 infrastructure in parallel to a Live Communications Server 2005 deployment and then easily migrating the users across to the new infrastructure.

  • Q: How many servers do I need to run OCS 2007?

    A: This depends on your organization s requirements. For smaller deployments, you could run your infrastructure on one server, but for environments where greater scale, geographical distribution, or fault tolerance is required, OCS 2007 has a flexible architecture to allow this kind of scaling in a multiserver environment.

  • Q: What...

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Specialty communications infrastructure service provide specialty or proprietary services related to the development and maintenance of communications infrastructures.
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