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Intermodal Freight Transport

Glossary of: Terms

Glossary of Terms

The following terms are in common use in intermodal transport operations; many are used in this book.


Accompanied vehicles
Road vehicles travelling on RO-RO ferry ships or on Eurotunnel s freight shuttle service through the Channel Tunnel where the driver travels with his vehicle so as to be available to drive it through to it final destination.
Accord Dangereux Routier International agreement concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road.
Alternative transport modes
Road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air transport.
Articulated lorry
Heavy lorry combination comprising a powered tractive unit and a semi-trailer attached so that at least 20 per cent of the weight of the load is borne by the tractive unit.


Berne Gauge
European standard rail loading gauge. Exceeds normal UK standards.
Bimodal transport
The carriage of goods by two separate modes of transport, usually road and rail.
Bimodal trailer
Specially built road-going semi-trailer with retractable running gear that can be mounted on rail bogies for transport by rail.
Block trains
Trains that run between two terminals without intermediate marshalling or transhipment of loading units.
The wheeled undercarriage of a road or rail vehicle, usually comprising a number of axles (e.g. two or three on a road vehicle) joined together by a compensating suspension arrangement.
Bulk freight
Generally, grain and granular products, sand and gravel, coal and other extracted minerals, chemicals and other liquid products, oils and petroleum, etc. carried...


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