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Here is a listing of Web sites that provide the CAD manager with more information, including CAD vendors and standards bodies.


The following Web sites and publications provide you with information on CAD software, hardware, and management:

Links to almost all other CAD-related Web sites

Free weekly email newsletter carrying news about CAD, published by author Ralph Grabowski.

The CAD Depot
A large collection of shareware and freeware for CAD users.
A Webzine that concentrates on articles and reviews of CAD software and hardware.

Australian independent magazine for all CAD products.

The Web site from the British publishers of CADdesk AEC and MCAD magazines

Cadence Channel
The Web site from the publisher of Cadence magazine.

CAD Online
The Web site from the publisher of CADalyst magazine.

MCAD Vision
Mechanical CAD articles, reviews, and opinion by MCAD Cafe.

Desktop Engineering

DesignNews Online

The Web site from the publisher of Computer-Aided Engineering magazine.

Pro/E The Magazine

Solid Solutions magazine

CATIA Solutions magazine

The early packaging for AutoSketch (Autodesk) was a small, bright yellow, spiral-bound binder.


The following list of CAD vendors is, of necessity, incomplete and may be out-of-date due to mergers, closures, and changes. For example, as this book was being written, Varimetrix changed its name to VX, and its Web address to (the old address,,...

Products & Services
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services
Computer-aided design (CAD) services assist in the computerized design, three-dimensional (3D) modeling, and printing and drafting of engineering components and assemblies.
Mechanical Computer Aided-Design Software (MCAD)
Mechanical computer aided-design software (MCAD) is used by machine designers and mechanical engineers to design and develop mechanical systems. MCAD software is also used in some architectural and construction applications.
Trade Magazine Publishers
Trade magazine publishers provide industry-specific articles and advertisements for members of a trade, business, or market segment. These technical publications often include how-to or instructional content, as well as information about products, materials, and companies in a particular field.
Online Communities
Online communities consist of users with similar interests and requirements who communicate electronically to discuss ideas and ask or answer questions.
Computer-aided Engineering Software (CAE)
Computer-aided engineering software (CAE) is used in engineering, analysis and manufacturing

Topics of Interest

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