Customer Satisfaction Measurement for ISO 9000: 2000

5.4: Self-Completion Questionnaires

5.4 Self-Completion Questionnaires

Self-completion questionnaires are usually administered in the form of a postal survey, although other methods of distribution such as fax, e-mail or point of sale questionnaires can be used. Whatever the distribution method, self-completion questionnaires are filled in alone by respondents without help from a researcher. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

5.4.1 Self-Completion Questionnaires Advantages

  • Self-completion questionnaires will usually be the cheapest method of data collection for most surveys. However, there are many hidden costs such as handling and printing which boost the real cost of postal surveys. There is clearly no risk of interviewer bias.

  • Most respondents will see a self-completion questionnaire as the least intrusive way of being surveyed.

  • Anonymity can also be easier to guarantee on self-completion questionnaires although this will be compromised by anything printed on the questionnaire that looks as though it could be a personal identification code. Many people also mistrust the anonymity of web and e-mail surveys.

  • Self-completion questionnaires are ideally suited to surveys of internal customers. They are very low cost and it is easier to implement policies to ensure a good response rate.

  • For similar reasons, self-completion questionnaires are also good at the point of sale immediately after the 'customer experience'.

5.4.2 Self-Completion Questionnaires Disadvantages

  • Postal surveys are very slow. Without a clear deadline for responses, some questionnaires will come back weeks after they were mailed out.

  • Response rates tend to be low, sometimes less than 10% although they can vary enormously.

  • Questionnaires...


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