Custom Products

Paxton Products, an ITW company offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Industrial Parts Dryers

Paxton has served the canning and bottling industry for more than half a century. They understand the importance of drying technology that can enhance speed and productivity for bottling and canning facilities as well as ensure the highest quality. All Paxton systems (such as bottle rinser machines) are custom engineered to meet the specific needs of the package type, the line configurat... (read more)

Paxton Air Systems are custom-engineered to maximize performance and drying efficiency. Proper installation and maintenance of your Paxton system are critical to system performance.

  • Paxton installation components have been engineered to minimize pressure drop between the blower and the air delivery devices, to maximize performance while providing ease of installation
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Paxton Products, an ITW company is also listed in these categories:
  • Air Knives
  • Industrial Enclosures