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Category: Fans and Blowers (industrial)
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Paxton Products finds its roots in the McCulloch Motor Company and Robert Paxton McCulloch, who developed the first belt-driven supercharger in 1937 for the Ford V8. In 1950, McCulloch started Paxton Engineering, to develop new product lines, including pumps and a new supercharger. Paxton Engineering changed quickly to Paxton Products, and in 1957, Paxton Products introduced the racing industry's first high-performance supercharger, an air compression device that enhanced the speed and performance of the engine. In response to the 1970's energy crisis, Paxton pioneered the first centrifugal blower for commercial and industrial applications, utilizing the same high-performance, energy-efficient air delivery technology used in the supercharger. The blower for industrial applications was driven by an electric motor and pulley system, producing significant amounts of air flow with minimal energy usage.

Paxton Products has continued to lead the industry in blower innovation through the years, culminating in the introduction of the most efficient 10-20 hp blowers in the world in 2016: Paxton's PX-Series Ultra High Efficiency Centrifugal Blowers. In 2019, Paxton launched the 3-7.5 hp PX-series blowers, improving efficiencies for these smaller, lower horsepower models, making the full Paxton line ultra-efficient.

Paxton Products was also a pioneer in the development of air knives and other air delivery devices, and is widely regarded as the foremost expert in air flow systems and solutions. Paxton has refined today's air delivery device designs for today's applications for precision-drying, coating control, removal of dust and other unwanted materials, as well as air curtains and other drying applications. The CapDryer, introduced in 2015, and the CanDryer, a new product in 2019, combine superior air flow and drying capability with ease of installation and use with enhanced production floor safety. Paxton Products' technical application engineers have decades of experience and can design a solution for your application needs.

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