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CASTECH, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

CASTECH, Inc. - Efficient Wavelength Control: Diffraction Gratings

Discover CASTECH's advanced diffraction gratings tailored for telecommunication applications, offering high efficiency and customizable solutions. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Advanced Dielectric Coatings for optics

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Broadband Performance (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High Isolation Fiber - Free Space Isolators

CASTECH utilizes the high-quality crystals and optical components for the production of Fiber-Free Space Isolators to deliver great performance. The power is ranging from 300 mW to 200 W. The products are featured with high isolation(35 dB for single-stage series and 50 dB for dual-stage series), low insertion loss, excellent environmental stability and free of thermal lens effect. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High-Performance AO Q-Switches

Precision Light Modulation for Varied Applications (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High-Power Faraday Rotators for Laser Systems

Explore CASTECH's high-performance Faraday rotators, providing accurate non-reciprocal rotation and reliability for high-power laser applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - 200 MHzFiber-coupled Acousto-optic Modulator

With compact design, small rise-time/fall-time, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio and excellent stability, CASTECH's 200 MHz fiber-coupled AOM is ideal for pulse picking, high-speed modulation applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Acousto-Optic Modulators: Precision Laser Control

CASTECH has developed high-speed acousto-optic modulators that precisely adjust laser intensity for various industrial applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High-Performance Yb Crystal for Laser Applications

Discover the power of Ybcrystal—a superior laser-active material revolutionizing laser technology. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Precision Laser Frequency Shifters

Unlock precise frequency conversion with our Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifters (AOFS) - tailored for engineers seeking top-notch performance. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Optical Crystals-YVO4
  • Various size of bulk and finished high quality YVO4 crystals up to φ35x50mm3 and φ20x20mm3, respectively;
  • Large quantity YVO4 wedges and displacers used for fiber optical isolators and circulators, interleavers, in size of 1.25x1.25x0.5mm3 to 3x3x15mm3 to meet OEM customer’s requirement;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Very competitive price;<.../...
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - 200 MHz Fiber-Coupled AOM: Precision & Speed

Compact, High-Performance 200 MHz Fiber-Coupled AOM for Precision Pulse Picking and Modulation. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Laser FOHG/FHG UV Nonlinear Crystal CLBO

Discover CLBO, a UV nonlinear crystal with a cutoff wavelength up to 180 nm, ideal for high-power Ndlaser FOHG/FHG applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Efficient Pulse Compression with CASTECH Grating

Innovative Grating Technology for Ultra-Short, High-Energy Laser Pulses (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Yb:CALGO Laser: Ultra-Fast Power!

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Yb:CALGO, a revolutionary laser gain material boasting ultra-fast pulse generation and high-power efficiency. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Efficient 200 MHz Fiber AOM: Elevate Modulation

Experience precision modulation with our efficient 200 MHz fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator (FCAOM), designed for superior performance. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Optical Transformation: High-Efficiency Gratings

Precision Design for Superior Performance (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Overcome Gray-Tracking with GTR-KTP Crystal

Highly Resistant to Gray-Tracking, Offering a Reliable Solution for Your High-Power Laser Systems (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Diffraction Gratings for Telecommunication
  • Material from DUV to IR
  • Custom dimension and shapes
  • Wafer type: Plano or Prism
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - Acousto-Optic Q-Switches for Laser Marking

Discover precision and power with our Acousto-Optic Q-Switches (AOQS), engineered for superior laser Q-switching applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Precision Optical Polarization Modulation

Explore CASTECH Photoelastic Modulators (PEMs): High-precision solutions for optical polarization modulation. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. -  KTP Crystal: Powering Laser Systems Efficiently

Discover CASTECH's KTP Crystal, delivering exceptional nonlinear optical performance for a range of laser applications. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Precision Optics: Versatile Excellence

Optimized Solutions for Diverse Applications (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - BBO Crystal | Application in Tunable Lasers

Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences), now is manufactured and marketed by CASTECH Inc. The high-quality crystal boule is steadily available from CASTECH, who holds specialized proprietary techniques (flux-method) of the BBO crystal growth.
Application in Nd:YAG Lasers:
BBO is an efficient NLO crystal for the second, third... (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - DE Reflection Grating for Optical Communication

CASTECH presents a cutting-edge high DE reflection grating, tailored for the optical communication industry. This precision-designed grating offers exceptional diffraction efficiency and unparalleled uniformity, making it an ideal choice for applications like Wavelength Selective Switches (WSS) and more. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Faraday Rotators for Laser sensing system


  • Laser sensing system
  • Ultrafast laser system
  • OCT system
  • Laser detection etc
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - Enhancing Optical Precision

Aspherical lenses from CASTECH revolutionize optical systems with unparalleled precision, whether for prototypes or mass production. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators

Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators: Cutting-Edge Performance for Diverse Applications; High-Performance Modulation with Unmatched Flexibility (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - KTA Crystal: OPO Powerhouse

Next-gen nonlinear optical marvel (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - BBO Pockels Cells

Applications: Q-switching, Regenerative amplifier, Pulse picker,read more... (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High-Speed Pulse Control Solution

Unrivaled Precision for Engineering Excellence (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High-Performance Achromatic Objective Lenses

Versatile Precision Optics for Laser Applications (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Fiber-Free Space Isolators - Enhance Stability

Optimize Your Fiber Laser Systems with High-Performance Isolators (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Aspherical Lenses - Custom dimension and shapes

CASTECH offers CNC precision-polished aspherical and acylindrical lenses, with or without anti-reflection (AR) coatings. Our CNC polished aspheric lenses are iteratively ground and polished by a software supported computer-controlled processing center to provide better controlled surface quality, irregularity and focal length deviation. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Precision with Fiber-Free Space Isolators

Elevate systems with CASTECH Fiber-Free Space Isolators. High isolation, low loss, precision control. Ideal for lasers, sensors, gauges. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Optical Circulator for Fiber optical sensor system


  • Fiber optical sensor system
  • Bidirectional signal transmission system
  • Dispersion compensation
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - Optical Assembly

CASTECH has strong design and testing capabilities to precisely characterize the performance of our optical assemblies. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Broadband Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors

CASTECH offers group delay dispersion report by specialized GDD measurement in house. We have a wide range of measure instrument to guarantee high reflectivity, including Cavity-Ring-Down, Varian Cary-5000, Varian Cary-6000, Varian Cary-7000, Perkin Elmer Lambda-950 and Spectrum 100FTIR. Every coating batch is tested to promise high- performance reflectivity values to fit your needs. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - Optical Windows-Material from DUV to FIR
  • Material from DUV to FIR
  • Custom dimensions and shapes
  • Diameter from 0.5 to 600 mm
  • Clear aperture: Central 90% of diameter
  • Flatness: λ/20@632.8nm ( λ/40 by IBF)
  • Surface quality: 10-5 S/D
  • Parallelism:<3″
  • Standard and custom AR coating options available
  • High laser damage threshold
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - Free Space Isolators for Laser sensing system

The polarization independent isolator consists of three main components, which are birefringent beam displacer (polarizer), Faraday Rotator, half-wave plate. It’s usually used in the fiber laser system and to maintain the stability of optical system effectively. (read more)

CASTECH, Inc. - High quality Broadband Dielectric Coatings


CASTECH offers two standard dielectric broadband coatings . Other coatings are available upon request.

  • High quality ,excellent value
  • Broaband dielectric coatings
  • Hight damage threshrod
(read more)
CASTECH, Inc. - High quality Broadband Dielectric Coatings


CASTECH offers two standard dielectric broadband coatings . Other coatings are available upon request.

  • High quality ,excellent value
  • Broaband dielectric coatings
  • Hight damage threshrod
(read more)