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Fujipoly® America Corp. - Standard and custom size molded Sarcon® Cases

Fujipoly® offers an assortment of standard as well as custom size molded Sarcon® Cases. The thermally conductive, box-shaped components are open on one end to facilitate fast and easy installation over transistors and other heat generating components. Once installed, Fujipoly’s unique thermally conductive silicone-based materials efficiently remove excess heat to the surrou... (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Low Resistance Electronic Connector

Fujipoly® Zebra® Gold 8000A elastomeric connectors transfers both data and power between parallel components and circuit boards while exhibiting a remarkably low electrical resistance of less than 25mΩ.

This interconnect component is constructed from a low durometer silicone core that is wrapped with 100 parallel rows of flat, gold-plated copper wires per inch. This... (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Fujipoly® Compression Testing Video

Fujipoly® recently published a video that demonstrates and explains compression testing for thermal interface materials. (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Reinforced Thermal Film for Die-Cutting

Sarcon® 15GTR from Fujipoly® is a thin, thermal interface composite film made from heat-conducting silicone and a .05mm fiberglass reinforcement layer. The general-purpose, .15mm thick film is ideal for applications with complex die-cut shapes. (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - New thermal interface material

Fujipoly® introduces a new thermal interface material that also absorbs a wide range of unwanted electromagnetic energy. The tacky, gel-like consistency of Sarcon® EGR-11F makes it easy to handle and apply without requiring additional adhesive. When placed on top of a heat source such as an IC chip, the compliant material fills any unwanted air gaps allowing for more efficient tr... (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - 17-Watt Thermal Interface Pad

Sarcon® 30XR-m from Fujipoly® is a high-performance thermal interface material that exhibits a low thermal resistance. The 0.3mm thick TIM is available in dimensional sheets up to 200mm × 150mm or can be die-cut to fit your exact application shape. (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Fujipoly® Thin Film Delivers on Performance

Sarcon® 20YR-c from Fujipoly® is a versatile 0.2mm film that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 4.0 W/m•K and a thermal resistance of only .12° C•in2/W. This product is ideal for transferring performance-killing heat from high power semiconductors and board-level components to nearby cooling heatsinks. (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Thermal Interface Materials Complimentary Samples

Some of the most cumbersome steps in evaluating the performance of a thermal interface material are requesting product samples and receiving quotes. To eliminate this frustration, Fujipoly® created an online suite of features that allow engineers to request complimentary samples and/or quotes with the click of a mouse.

The registration process takes under 2 minutes to c... (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - New Benchmark for Thin Film Performance

Fujipoly’s SARCON® 30XR-Um Thin Film sets a new standard for performance and compressibility. The putty-like thermal gap filler pad exhibits a thermal conductivity of 17 watt/m-k and a thermal resistance of only 0.02 °Cin2/W. (read more)

Fujipoly® America Corp. - Fujipoly's Sarcon® PG25A

Sarcon® PG25A is one of Fujipoly's softest and best performing thermal gap filler pads for applications that have delicate components and high compression rates. (read more)

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On February 26th at 1:30 PM ET, Fujipoly® will host a live, no charge webinar that reveals many of the advantages putty-type thermal interface materials offer compared to standard gap filler pads.