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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Miniature frame sensor for counting small parts

The frame light barrier CX2020 from Intellisense Microelectric is a small counting sensor with an active area of 21mm *21mm. It is only 80mm in length, 40mm in width and 14mm in thickness. High response time, easy installation and a very high resolution are the vital strengths comparing general light barrier. (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Frame Counting Sensor with high resolution

Product features:

  • Suitable for all types of materials, metal or non-metal, liquid drop
  • Cross beam technology to improve resolution, can detect objects down to φ1.5mm
  • One sensor for both dynamic and static detection with same resolution
  • Volume calculation for broken pill rejection
  • Varies sensing area meet different situati...
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - M6 Ultra-small Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor


  • High performance ASIC and built in amplifier
  • Rejection of ambient or DC light interference using with built in digital filter
  • Ultra-small 6mm rugged metal housing
  • Suitable forharsh environment
  • Ideal for limited space
  • Flexible cable bending at will, the best alternative to optical fibersensor
  • LED function....
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Ring Inductive Proximity Sensor

Inductive ring sensor senses the change of inductance when metallic objects pass through the ring . IMS proximity inductive sensors have four kinds of sizes to meet different applications. They are especially designed for detect small metallic objects, such as wire, nuts, screws, washers etc pass through the ring(dynamic mode). It can be also used to detect the fracture of continuous met... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - M8 laser photoelectric sensor with 1mm light spot


  • Co-axial M8 diffuse reflective photoelectric sensor
  • Small laser beam spot φ1mm
  • Able to detect tiny objects, such as metallic wires and semiconductor chips
  • Adjustable distance
  • Switch light on or dark on by out-going cable
  • Durable metal housing
  • Available in pre-wire or connector connection<......
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - E3Z-T photoelectric sensor with time adjustment

The E3Z-T series photoelectric sensor is available in front mounting using M18 nut or side mounting using M3 bolt screw and nuts. It features time on delay and off delay function.

Product features:

  • On delay and off delay time adjustable
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Mode selection for light on and dark on
  • Flexible installation direction<.../li>
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - E3Z Mini-Square Photoelectric Sensor

The E3Z series photoelectric sensors feature high performance modulated sensor ASIC to ensure high noise immunity. Built-in power on delay prevent false output as sensors powering up. Light on and dark on operation mode is switchable with knob. Sensitivity adjustment function allows the sensors to be used in more cases. The operation and stability indicators are convenient for users to o... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Light curtain, suitable for ultra-thin parts

IMS cross beam light curtains use its own proprietary light curtain ASIC to achieve higher reliability and stability. Adopting cross beam technology, this series has a higher resolution and can detect objects down to φ7mm. They are the ideal selection for irregular parts or ultra-thin object counting or detection, such as flange, paper etc.


  • ...
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Ultra-thin Photoelectric Sensor: Model E3T

The E3T series ultra-thin type photoelectric sensors are ideal for installation in limited spaces and compact applications. The sensor measures just 3.9 mm in thickness and comes equipped with built-in amplifier. The series are available in diffuse reflective, retro-reflective, and through-beam models to satisfy different applications and can replace BTF of Autonics and E3T of Omron. Pow... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Photoelectric Sensor for Transparent Objects

The sensor can detect all kinds of clear objects in different thickness, ranging from wine bottles to transparent film. In addition, even if the detected objects rotate or move arbitrarily in the sensing area, it also owns a reliable output without false trigger. (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Slot Photoelectric Sensor for Harsh Environment

IMS’s E3S30 series is a photoelectric sensor with a slot of 30mm. It features a strong metal housing, ensuring that it can operate stably in harsh environment. The u-shaped photoelectric sensor also has a high-speed response time down to 0.25ms and excellent noise immunity to ambient light.

  • High performance ASIC based sensor with advanced modulation scheme and b...
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Cross Beam Light Curtain for Counting

IMS utilizes cross beam technology to improve the resolution of light curtain, which can detect objects down to φ7mm. It is the ideal selection for irregular parts or utral-thin object counting, such as flange, paper etc. (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - E3FA Photoelectric Sensor with Adjustable Distance

IMS’s cylindrical E3FA series of photoelectric sensor is based on our Modulated Sensor ASIC, which ensure sensor’s performance to high noise immunity. This sensor features a compact body with M18 thread and is easy and quick to install. The E3FA series consists of a diffuse reflective version as well as a retro-reflective version, both of the two types are available in visibl... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - The smallest cylindrical photoelectric sensor:M5

IMS M5 sensor is the smallest cylindrical photoelectric sensor in the industry, which can replace the optical fiber sensor and has a wider range of application because of its flexible cable. They are ideal for limited installation space.

The model has reverse polarity and output short circuit protection as well as output reverse polarity protection. The sensor is equipped with a s... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Compact Slot Photoelectric Sensor

The EE-SPX series is a ultra-small photoelectric sensor with a slot of 5mm. They are can be used as a location switch, such as elevator detection. Because of the small slot, they also can be used for liquid drop detection.

  • High performance ASIC based sensor with advanced modulation scheme and built in amplifier
  • Excellent noise immunity to DC light with modula...
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Liquid Level Sensor with High Chemical Resistance

The LLS.DTM12 series optical liquid level switch is a low cost single point level sensor designed for semitransparent, clear, and low viscosity liquids. The sensor is available in Trogamid or Polysulfone. The Polysulfone version with high chemical resistance is suitable for most acids and bases. The operation temperature is range from -40 ° C to 100 ° C, making the sensor has a w... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - High speed through beam light curtain

IMS light curtain use its own proprietary light curtain ASIC to ensure high noise immunity. The light barrier has a series of circuit protection, such as power on delay, power supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection and output reverse polarity protection. When the light beam is insufficient or dust accumulation, the sensor will automatically give an alarm to r... (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Stainless steel optical liquid level sensor

Equipped with stainless steel housing, the sensor has an excellent performance in harsh environment. High temperature version is available up to 100°C. There is also a choice of two operation modes, two output types and four thread types. (read more)

Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Stainless steel M12 Photoelectric Sensor


  • High performance ASIC and built in amplifier
  • Advanced modulation scheme and built in digital filter
  • Compact 12 mm threaded metal enclosure
  • Suitable for harsh environment
  • Bright LED operating status indicator visible from 360°
  • Pre-wired cable or connector models
  • Available in diffuse or through-beam type.../li>
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Mini frame counting sensor PG2340
  • Mini structure: 84mm* 29mm* 13mm
  • Sensing area: 23mm* 40mm
  • Suitable for all types of materials, metal or non-metal
  • Fast response time: 1ms
  • High performance ASIC with high immunity to EMI and environmental interference
  • Multiple channels can be formed side by side with small channel spacing
  • Power on delay, power supply rever...
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Intellisense (Xiamen) Microelectronics Ltd. - Long Sensing Distant Photoelectric Sensor BGS

Product features

  • Long sensing distance up to 6m
  • High performance ASIC with high immunity to EMI and environmental interference, suitable for outdoor application
  • Built in power on delay prevent false output as sensor powering up
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Light on or dark on switchable
  • operation indicator
  • Power supply a...
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