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Category: Level Switches
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IMS is a company that focuses on sensors for industrial automation. The company is ISO9000 certificated and have produced over 6 million pressure sensors and over 1 million photoelectric sensors over the last 10 years since the company established in 2010. We developed our core Sensor ASICs and CMOS Integrated Sensors to create high performance sensors tailed for industrial automation. Our products include:

• Photoelectric sensor
Rejection of ambient/DC light/interference using with advanced modulation scheme and built in digital filter
Teach-in and remote teach-in models available
Programmable gain, programmable output LED power, on delay and off delay time, threshold voltages through IO-Link/ SPI/ one wire

• Cross beam frame light barrier/small object counting sensor
Smallest detectable object:1.5mm with cross beam technology
Volume calculation possible for in line quality checking
One sensor for both dynamic and static detection with same resolution
Suitable for all types of materials, metal or non-metal, liquid drop

• Light curtain
Built-in amplifier with high frequency modulated light source, synchronized scanning to improve EMC
Suitable for irregular or ultra-thin object counting
No-blind testing across the whole sensing area
Cascade-able light curtain with RS232 interface, up to 512 channels

• Optical liquid level sensor (switch)
High performance ASIC based sensor with NPN/PNP output
Temperature range: -40~100°C
Polysulfone or 316 stainless steel with glass lens for high chemical resistance to most acids

• Inductive proximity sensor
High performance ASIC with adjustable sensitivity
Can detect down to 0.1mm metal wire
Suitable for harsh environment

• Pressure sensor
0.5Bar~20Bar Absolute
±1% (0°C~85°C), ±2%(-40°C~0°C; 85°C~125°C)
One wire or SPI programming interface

We strive to be innovated and stay at the forefront of technological advances to guarantee the best possible solutions for our customers. We are firmly committed to improving the quality of our products on an ongoing basis. We follow stringent processes with a clear focus on outstanding outcomes and a high level of profitability.

More information on Intelligence Microelectronic Ltd. can be found at www.chinasensors.cn

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