SPIROL has promoted these products / services:

SPIROL - SPIROL Expands Fastener Installation Machine Line

SPIROL is pleased to announce the expansion of their robust Fastener Installation Equipment line by introducing the new Model CP Pneumatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine. The Model CP can install one Compression Limiter into one assembly, or simultaneously install multiple Limiters into several different assemblies at the same - or different - heights. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Celebrates 75 Years Helping Customers

SPIROL Celebrates 75 Years of Helping Customers Thrive!

SPIROL is pleased to announce the celebration of their 75th anniversary. Since SPIROL’s inception in 1948, the company has been laser-focused on not only helping their 15,000 global customers be more competitive through innovative fastening solutions, but also in serving their constituents who have made the c... (read more)

SPIROL - Ford Aerospace Acquired by SPIROL

SPIROL is pleased to announce that Ford Aerospace Ltd based in South Shields, UK will be joining the SPIROL group of companies. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Expands Split Seam Compression Limiter Line

SPIROL has expanded the CL220 Compression Limiter offering by adding additional diameter and length combinations to accommodate a variety of application requirements. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Releases New Automatic Pin Inserter Video

SPIROL is pleased to announce the release of a new video showcasing the features, advantages and benefits of the recently updated Model PR Semi-Automatic Pin Inserter and Model CR Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic Pin Inserter. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Expands eCommerce to Include Inserts

SPIROL has recently expanded their eCommerce platform,, to include their expansive Threaded Inserts for Plastics product line. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Introduces New Press-N-Lok™ Pin

SPIROL is pleased to announce the expansion of their Solid Pin Product Line to include the new Series BP100 Press-N-Lok™ Pin. The new Press-N-Lok™ Pin was designed to permanently retain two plastic components to each other. The pin has opposing raised barbs on each end that are angled backwards opposite the direction of insertion. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Launches New!

SPIROL recently launched their new and improved corporate website: The new corporate website is a culmination of over 74 years of engineering knowledge and experience in the fastening, joining and assembly arena. (read more)

SPIROL - Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters-Plastics

Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters allow designers to replace machined and cast metal components with plastic to achieve significant cost and weight savings without loss of joint strength – even in demanding applications. The use of Inserts not only allows the appropriate installation torque to be applied to the screw without damaging the threads, but Inserts also ensure tha... (read more)

SPIROL - Critical Components for the Medical Industry

SPIROL Engineered Fasteners and Precision Shims have been used in a wide range of surgical, diagnostic, and orthopedic medical devices for decades. We understand the intricacies of the medical industry and have the technology, expertise, and quality to provide superior products and services. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Receives 2020 GM Quality Excellence Award

SPIROL is pleased to announce the receipt of the 2020 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award. Two of SPIROL’s locations, SPIROL International Corporation in Danielson, CT, USA and SPIROL Industries Limited in Winsor, Ontario, Canada, each received notification of the awards on July 1, 2021. (read more)

SPIROL - Slotted Spring Pins Now on

SPIROL is pleased to announce that Slotted Spring Pins have recently been added to their eCommerce platform In addition to being able to purchase SPIROL’s standard Slotted Pins online, you are also able to view or download 2D drawings and 3D models directly from the site. (read more)

SPIROL - Coiled Spring Pins Case Study


A leading manufacturer of forklifts contacted SPIROL to help find a solution for an installation issue they were experiencing with Slotted Spring Pins used to retain two cast iron and steel components together. (read more)

SPIROL - How to Design the Optimum Hinge

White Paper: How to Design the Optimum Hinge (read more)

SPIROL - New SPIROL Video of Model PMX Installation Machine

Introducing SPIROL’s Model PMX vertical, manually operated, extra heavy duty installation machine. The Model PMX is designed to install Pins, Inserts and Compression Limiters with a maximum insertion force of 5,000 lbs or 22.2 kN. The machine as purchased includes tooling to install one size and type of fastener. (read more)

SPIROL - New SPIROL Video of Model HM Manual Insert Driver

Introducing SPIROL’s new video on the Model HM Manual Insert Driver. Insert performance is the direct result of how well it was installed. SPIROL’s Model HM Manual Insert Driver has been designed to eliminate the dependency on the operator to control these factors. The result is nearly perfect flow of the plastic for optimal retention and performance. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Announces Enhancements to the Model CL

SPIROL is pleased to announce the release of several design enhancements to our Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine. These enhancements improve operator interaction, reduce changeover time and incorporate additional error-proofing techniques to our machine design. (read more)

SPIROL - New SPIROL Video of Model CL Installation Machine

Introducing SPIROL’s new video on the Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine. This robust, vertical installation machine is specifically designed to post-mold install Compression Limiters into a variety of plastic assemblies. These machines can install a single Compression Limiter or multiple Limiters simultaneously into various Polymers, Thermoplastics and Thermo... (read more)

SPIROL - Calculate Estimated Fatigue Life of Disc Springs

Disc Springs are conically-shaped washers designed to be axially loaded. Since deflection of a Disc Spring at a given load is predictable, it is possible to calculate force and stress levels within the Disc. This paper focuses on the use of Disc Springs and how to estimate fatigue life in dynamic situations. (read more)

SPIROL - New SPIROL Video of Model PM Installation Machine

Introducing SPIROL’s Model PM vertical, manually operated, installation machine. The Model PM is designed to install Pins, Inserts and Compression Limiters with a maximum insertion force of 200 lbs or 0.9 kN. This benchtop unit is portable, easily adjustable, and is especially suited to prototype and low-volume production usage. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Heavy Duty Manual Installation Machine

SPIROL International Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new highly versatile, heavy duty Installation Machine. The Model PMH is ideally suited for low to moderate volume levels of production that require insertion forces up to 1,500 lbs (6.7 kN). (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Offers Pre-Stacked Disc Springs

SPIROL is pleased to announce that they now offer pre-stacked Disc Springs (greased or ungreased) in custom configurations packaged in shrink wrap with a perforated tab for ease of insertion into the application. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Launches eCommerce for Coiled Spring Pins

SPIROL is pleased to announce that they have recently launched a new, quick, easy and secure eCommerce platform: (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Introduces New Ground Hollow Dowel

SPIROL International Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new innovative lightweight product to achieve precision alignment. SPIROL's new Series GD100 Ground Hollow Dowels are designed to be a direct replacement for Ground Solid Dowels manufactured per ISO 8734 when used in alignment applications (read more)

SPIROL - Vibratory Feed Systems

SPIROL® Series 2000 High Performance Vibratory Feeders represent the leading edge of drive technology. In automated assembly lines, they offer technology to maximize the efficiency of feed systems and reduce power consumption in the feeding of fuses, tablets, packets, soft rubber parts, fragile parts, and parts that are coated or have a film on them. (read more)

SPIROL - Inserts for Plastics

SPIROL offers heat/ultrasonic, molded-in, press-in, and self-tapping inserts. Our standard inserts have been designed for a broad set of plastic applications. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL has 1,000+ Hour Corrosion Resistant Coating

SPIROL is pleased to introduce ArmorGalv®, a Thermal Zinc Diffusion coating, as a standard finish option for their roll-formed engineered fasteners. (read more)

SPIROL - Oval Compression Limiters

SPIROL introduces the CL400 Press-In and CL460 Molded-In Oval Compression Limiters. Both accommodate up to 2.25mm extra clearance on one axis, providing additional flexibility over round Compression Limiters for centerline and stack-up tolerancing. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Publishes Precision Metal Shims Brochure

SPIROL is pleased to announce the release of their new Precision Metal Shims brochure that details the breadth of their product line, value-added services and quality certifications. SPIROL’s Shim product line includes: Specialty Shims, Thrust Washers, Laminated and Edge-Bonded Shims custom-made to customer specifications. (read more)


Precision Shims are used as compensators to absorb tolerances between mating components. They significantly reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for each component to be precision machined in order to achieve the proper fit and function of the total assembly. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Releases New Solid Pins Design Guide

SPIROL is pleased to announce the release of their new Solid Pin Design Guide. SPIROL recently overhauled their previous Solid Pin catalog to make it an informative design guide with many easy-to-read schematics and diagrams to support each key section. (read more)

SPIROL - New Lightweight Aluminum Compression Limiters

Danielson, CT – SPIROL International Corporation is pleased to introduce the new Series CL600 and CL601 Aluminum Compression Limiters. Metal Compression Limiters provide "spot" reinforcement of the plastic assembly in high stress joints usually where two components are joined together with a bolt... (read more)

SPIROL - New SPIROL Inserts for Plastics Design Guide

This design guide provides information on Insert design, plastics characteristics, and design guidelines for a broad set of applications. Dimensional data is provided for the full range of SPIROL Heat/Ultrasonic, Molded-in, Press-in and Self-tapping Inserts. (read more)

SPIROL - Compression Limiters

Compression Limiters protect plastic components of an assembly from the compressive loads generated by the tightening of bolts. More about their function. (read more)

SPIROL - Precision Shims and High-Wear Components

The SPIROL Shim Division is short run, custom manufacturer of shims, thin spacers and specialty washers designed and built to your specifications. (read more)

SPIROL - Standard Spacers

SPIROL® Series SP100 and SP150 Spacers are used as stand-offs, distance bushings, sleeves, axles and pins. They replace cut-off tubing, tubes, ferrules, grommets and turned parts. Series CS100 Spacers are designed for gravity feed or skate wheel conveyors and conveyor systems. Standard Galvanized Steel Spacers are corrosion-resistant, lightweight and durab... (read more)

SPIROL - Slotted Spring Pins

SPIROL® Slotted Spring Pins are used as retaining pins, axle shafts, stop pins, hinge and pivot pins, cross bars, as well as locator pins. We offer metric ISO and inch and metric ASME slotted pins. (read more)

SPIROL - Dowel Bushings, Ground Hollow Dowels for Alignment

SPIROL Series DB100 Dowel Bushings, Series SD200 Spring Alignment Dowels, and Series GD100 Ground Hollow Dowels are used to locate components with respect to each other. For Dowel Bushings applications, the hollow design permits a fastening screw or bolt to pass through the inside diameter eliminating the need to drill a separate hole. (read more)

SPIROL - Disc Springs

Disc springs are conically-shaped, washer-type components designed to be axially loaded. What makes disc springs unique is that based on the standardized calculations of DIN EN 16984 (formerly DIN 2092), the deflection for a given load is predictable and the minimum life cycle can be determined (read more)

SPIROL - Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins are shock-absorbing fastening elements that provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution, closer diameter tolerances, no interlocking, trouble-free automatic feeding, and they reduce costs. SPIROL invented the coiled spring pin and its production technology in 1948. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Releases Enhanced Manual Heat Insert Driver

SPIROL International introduces its next generation Manual Heat Insert Driver, the Model HM. This newly enhanced machine is capable of installing virtually any type of Heat/Ultrasonic style Insert into plastic assemblies. (read more)

SPIROL - Laminated Shims

Easily peeled laminated shims, designed from metal or composites, make thickness adjustments easy during assembly or field repairs. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Model PMX Manual Pin Inserter

SPIROL® is pleased to introduce the Model PMX Extra Heavy Duty Manual Pin Inserter. This versatile tool is ideally suited for low to moderate levels of production for assemblies that require insertion force up to 26.6 kn (6,000 lbs). Benefits include smooth operation, repeatability and durability. Download the data sheet today! (read more)

SPIROL - Insert Installation Technology

SPIROL Heat Insert Drivers and Self-Tapping Insert Drivers are designed to enable easy and repeatable set-ups, and provide greater in-process control. Preset, repeatable air pressure and temperature settings assure uniform insert installation and maximum insert performance. (read more)

SPIROL - Pin Installation Technology

SPIROL Pin Inserters feed all common types of pins - headed or straight - as well as bushings, rivets, compression limiters, and many other similar components. Whether your requirements are for a standard pin inserter with or without fixturing or a custom designed system, we are dedicated to providing you with the best and most cost-effective solution. (read more)

SPIROL - Fastening Solutions

Now you can quickly evaluate and optimize your fastening or assembly application yourself online! Use our complimentary application & fastener engineering services to help you design a new application, redesign an existing application or request a quote to print. The result will be an innovative fastening solution with lower assembly costs. (read more)

SPIROL - SPIROL Offers 2D / 3D Drawings of Their Products

In addition to being able to download the drawing, all standard products are provided with SPIROL's item number and the weight for each part. (read more)

SPIROL - Fastening & Assembly Solutions

Innovative fastening solutions. Lower assembly costs.

We design, produce and deliver on time, the highest quality products in the industry...and follow through to ensure your total satisfaction. (read more)