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Category: Hydraulic Pumps
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  Chemac Inc./Uraca/Uhde HPT/Gather/BHDT
High Pressure Water Division
Process Equipment Division
Sealing & Equipment Division
Your source for quality high-pressure equipment and services -
from pumps and equipment to complete plants.

Over the last decades, the name Chemac Inc. became synonymous with our primary factories active in the field of high pressure equipment. All Chemac Inc. factories are ISO quality certified or meet Total Quality Standards as required by our customer base. If quality services and products are important, then we look forward to hearing from you regarding your needs. Our excellent service reputation, quality brand names, and experience is the key to our long successful history as a privately held company.

Chemac Inc.'s three product divisions are focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers using industrial equipment from tools to pumps to complete production plants. Each division complements the other and shares the wide range of international and project experience with the other. This wealth of experience gives customers the broadest range of experienced service personnel available.

  • High Pressure Water Division (HPWD) specializes in high-pressure water applications, with pressure ranges up to 87,000psi and flow ranges up to 1,400 gallons/min. Pumps tools and complete systems for high pressure water applications including, jet cutting, deburring, descaling, cleaning, injection, mining, demolition, and surface removal.
  • Process Equipment Division (PED) specializes in high-pressure equipment (pumps, valves, piping, etc.) and services for all types of chemical, petrochemical, UAN production, LDPE production, oil and gas process equipment and other process related applications requiring high pressures, temperatures and/or difficult mediums like slurries, acids, emulsions, etc.
  • Sealing & Equipment Division (SED) is focused on quality sealing products and solutions for difficult seal applications. Offering high temperature and pressure custom solutions for almost any industry.

Our simple Inquiry Form lets you easily submit your needs and application requirements. Customers in the USA and Canada may also call us toll-free at 1-800-217-8677.

Service is our key product, and our capable staff of service engineers are ready for immediate technical support and on-site service. Service questions can also be sent via email to service@chemacinc.com.

Chemac Inc. is more than just pumps, we are what our customers expect us to be... the best source for quality industrial equipment and services.


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