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Category: Depanelizers
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Tools for Electronic Manufacturing
FKN Design
Manufacturing and Sales

Design and production of PCB Singulation systems

FKN was established in the latter part of the 20th century to serve the PCB assembly industry with equipment and expertise for depaneling Loaded Printed Circuit Boards in the end stage of the production process. Their broad line of depaneling equipment ranges from low cost benchtop tools such as the N100 PCB Nibbler used to singulate tab routed panels, to high volume production systems such as the K6000 In-line Multiple Circular Blade Depanelizer for singulating pre-scored boards.

FKN Systek, Inc. FKN Systek, Inc. FKN Systek, Inc. FKN Systek, Inc.

In House Production:
Custom Tooling

What sets FKN apart from the competition is their ability to supply custom solutions to your PCB singulation requirements. Allthough their standard equipment will provide a solution to most depaneling jobs, there are many occasions where unique board geometries and particular designs will call for a non standard application or additional tooling for effective board handling in the singulation process. Their in house production department is able to build and assemble both prototype tooling, and tooling for the augmentation of the depaneling process.

Standard Products

All standard products are in stock and ready to ship upon order placement. Spare parts and replacement blades are on the shelf to keep your production process on line.

Sales and Service

The FKN sales and service department is available to process your orders and to answer most routine technical questions. Advice on tooling, and questions requiring more in depth design solutions are referred to the engineering department.

Design and Development

FKN's efforts to provide their customers with the most cost effective tools and solutions for depaneling Printed Circuit Boards start with their Design and Development department. They work closely with their sales team and their customers to find better and more economical means to finish the production of your panelized PCBs. To date this has resulted in unique products such as the B300, the R100 tabletop router and the N200 punch for tab routed panels. In the coming years there will more options available from FKN for the PCB depaneling process.

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