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Category: Overhead Trolleys
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J.D. Neuhaus

Global quality standard for hoists in the harshest of operating conditions.

J.D. NeuhausAll around, everything is white. The sky and ground are indistinguishable. It's bitterly cold, minus 45°C, in ice and snow on the polar circle. In the North Sea, the rain whips against the men’s faces. A powerful autumn storm rips at the oil platform superstructures and giant waves crash violently against the steel stilts upon which it stands. A disabled freighter lies in a South American port, miles away from dry dock. Its rudder blade has been damaged. Divers have to remove it under water, before it can be repaired on land.

Even under extreme operating conditions such as these, J.D. Neuhaus hoists and cranes reliably move loads and “are up to the job”. They are in use in more than 70 different sectors, and particularly in demand in the oil and gas exploration and processing sectors, in mining, the chemical industry and heavy plant construction.

At its Witten plant, J.D. Neuhaus produces pneumatically and hydraulically-operated hoists and crane systems with 170 employees. Thanks to this globally unique specialisation, we are not only recognised experts in this field, but also the world market leader with customers in more than 90 countries around the globe.

J.D. NeuhausStarting with the development and manufacture of our products, we place great value on ecological compatibility. Long service life and recyclability already make an important contribution towards relieving the environmental burden. Furthermore, our production has been adapted to minimise energy consumption, emissions, sewage and waste; it also uses environmentally-compatible production processes and materials. Resources are used sparingly and waste is recycled wherever possible. We have also made environmental protection a permanent feature of our employee training courses. Since 2009, we have been certified according to ISO 14001 by the TÜV Rheinland Technical Control Association for our comprehensive environmental management system.

Our quality management system covers all our processes, from planning and design through to production and customer service. It is also certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to ISO 9001.

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