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Category: Diverter Valves
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KZValve manufactures 12-volt dc and 24-volt ac/dc electric actuators and motorized valves. They have an extensive line of electric valves ranging in size from 1/4" to 6". These motorized valves are made in ball, butterfly, and stackable manifold styles; materials range from polypropylene to stainless steel; pressures up to 2000 psi. Over 30 different motor cycle times to choose from allow for applications from slow, automatic flow control metering valves, to quicker cycle times for shut-off valve use. Used in a variety of industries, KZValve develops special features to meet each customer’s application requirements.

KZValve has a staggering amount of valve-wiring-motor combinations available that literally number into the hundreds of thousands of models. This means they have an excellent chance that they can build units to your exact specifications from their large inventory of standard parts. Typical delivery times are 2 weeks or less. For their larger customers, they can provide Private Label units that include unique features "designed in" especially for them.

Their ISO 9001:2008 certified motorized valves deliver high performance in some of the world's most challenging applications that include: 

  • NASA ground support
  • Marine Fuel and Bilge Systems
  • RV Control Valves
  • Mobile Construction Equipment
  • HVAC/Hydronic Control Valves
  • Ammonia Controls
  • Home Flood Control Systems
  • Automated Process Controls
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Ground, Aerial and De-icing Sprayer Controls
  • Agricultural Valve Applications

KZValve also provides engineering design and consulting for all of your actuators, valves, controllers and plumbing/piping needs. With the knowledge of 6 full-time engineers using the best design software on the market, they can design and/or build almost any actuated valve to your specifications. Just ask what they can do for you – because if you don’t see it and can’t find it anywhere else, they’ll make it to fill your unmet needs.

KZValve "specializes" in the design and manufacture of “motorized” valves and controls at competitive prices and unsurpassed quality.  When it absolutely must be reliable, trusted professionals put their confidence in KZValve. 

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