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Category: Dimensional Gages and Instruments
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At MTI Instruments, we provide tools, systems and solutions developed for markets and applications that require the precise measurements and control of products, processes and the development and implementation of automated manufacturing, assembly and consistent operation of complex machinery.


Laser Displacement Sensor Systems - Our laser sensors allow easy position setup and alignment with its visible laser spot.

Fiber Optic Measurement Systems - Sets new performance standards with resolution up to 0.01 µin

Capacitance Sensor Systems - Our Accumeasure capacitive sensors offer large stand-off distance that includes single and multiple channel rack systems

Custom Capacitance Board - Exceptional value for OEM integration with custom configurations

Capacitance Probe Sensors - we can also design custom capacitive sensors probes including high temperature probes to meet your specific measurement requirements.

Material Tensile, Compression and Bending Systems - These miniature bend, fatigue, strain, compression and tensile testers are designed for use in SEMs, AFMs and LMs

Precision Signal Source/Function Generator - A portable, dual-channel voltage, frequency and charge signal generator with accuracies exceeding most high-cost laboratory function generators

Wafer Metrology (Semi- Automated) - Exclusive Push-Pull capacitance technology, that delivers full wafer surface scanning at the press of a button

Vibration Measurement Systems - Designed to quickly pinpoint engine problems and eliminate unnecessary engine removals

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Perspective: The Importance of Aviation Engine Vibration Testing (Vibration and Acceleration Sensing) Jet engine vibration is perhaps the worst enemy of an aircraft maintenance team. Out-of-balance parts can lead to cracked fan, turbine, and compressor components; general metal fatigue; and if... (View Full Article)
Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry (Vibration and Acceleration Sensing) Jet engine vibration is an everyday concern for commercial and military aviation. This white paper describes three technology solutions that streamline vibration analysis and simplify balancing: 1) A... (View Full Article)