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The largest selection of high-precision displacement and position sensors, temperature sensors as well as measuring systems worldwide.

MICRO-EPSILON designs and manufactures high-precision sensors and systems for displacement, position, dimension, color and temperature measurement. An innovative multi-technology company, who is dedicated to solve basic and extraordinary applications with an unrivaled range of standard or customized sensors. MICRO-EPSILON has over 2000 "engineer-years" of experience and numerous patents in the development, manufacturing, and application of sensors. This expertise guarantees an effective symbiosis from consulting, to development and production.

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"Spectra-cular" Measurements Using Confocal Chromatic Sensors (Vision and Color Sensing) Confocal chromatic sensors offer modern technology allied with high speed and maximum precision. These characteristics make these versatile displacement and distance sensors suitable for the high... (View Full Article)
10 Things You Need to Know About Precision Displacement Measurement (Displacement Sensing) Despite their frequent use, terms such as accuracy, resolution, repeatability and linearity are often misunderstood. As critical factors in the selection of a displacement sensor as well as in many... (View Full Article)