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Micro-Epsilon Group - Industrial capacitive measuring system

The capaNCDT 61x0/IP capacitive displacement measuring system is suitable for inline quality assurance of production processes, and for control of plant and machinery. Protected to IP68, this measuring system is therefore suitable for many industrial measurement tasks. Fluctuating temperatures and magnetic fields are no match for this capacitive system. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Plug & Play Laser Displacement Sensor

The optoNCDT 1220 is a laser sensor with an attractive price/performance ratio, high measurement accuracy and ease of use. Suitable for OEM and serial applications in automation technology, this miniature sensor with integrated controller measures displacement, distance and position on a wide range of surfaces. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Leading sensor technology for machine monitoring

Inductive sensors based on the eddy current principle are ideal for monitoring machinery as they can measure in harsh industrial environments, even when pressure, dirt or temperature fluctuations occur. The robust sensors measure displacement, distance, position, oscillation, vibration and thickness on both non-ferromagnetic materials (e.g. aluminum) and ferromagnetic materials (e.g. ste... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Ultra-precise distance and thickness measurements

Confocal sensors offer state-of-the-art technology for nanoprecise displacement, distance, position and thickness measurements in combination with high speed up to 70 kHz. The finest details and structures can be detected reliably. With a 90° version, geometrical features can be measured inside holes and recesses. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Laser scanners for 2D/3D profile measurements

Laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon are among the most powerful profile sensors with regard to accuracy and measurement rate. Equipped with powerful processors and highly sensitive optical components, these scanners ensure precise measurements on nearly any type of surface. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Laser Displacement Sensors for Advanced Automation

Offering a unique combination of high speed, compact design and accuracy, the optoNCDT 1900 laser sensor is used for dynamic displacement, distance and position measurements. The triangulation sensor is equipped with an integrated high performance controller for fast and high precision processing and output of measurement values. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Compact True Color Sensor for Color Recognition

Determination, measurement and detection of colors in industrial applications are complex measurement tasks. State-of-the-art color measurement technology makes the colorSENSOR CFO100 the ideal solution across multiple industries. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Measure distance & thickness with interferometers

Optimized for industrial purposes and offering an accuracy that creates an unprecedented level of precision in optical distance and thickness measurements - these are the new white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon. The interferometers are available in 3 series for different fields of applications and achieve stable measurement results with resolutions in the ... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Laser distance sensors with IO-Link

The optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensors from Micro-Epsilon can now also be integrated in automation systems via IO-Link. The advantages are easy handling and high flexibility. The sensors ensure gapless communication from the sensor/actuator level through to the system control. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - 3D sensors for geometry and surface inspections

The surfaceCONTROL 3500 3D sensor is used for inline inspection of geometry, shape and surface on diffusely reflecting surfaces such as metal, plastic or ceramics. With a z repeatability of < 0.4 µm, the sensor reaches a new level of precision and reliably detects the smallest deviations in planarity and height. Powerful software tools enable precise 3D measurements and surface... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - High resolution temperature process monitoring

The thermoIMAGER TIM QVGA thermal imaging camera combines a compact size and high resolution with high speed. The camera is ideally suited to monitoring tasks in industrial processes. It operates quickly and reliably in a temperature range from -20 °C to 900 °C (special model up to 1500 °C). (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Laser distance sensor for industrial applications

The optoNCDT ILR2250-100 laser distance sensor is designed for precise distance measurements in industrial environments. The integrated AUTO measurement mode enables reliable measurements even on dark, partly reflecting and remote measuring objects. The ILR2250 sensors can be used for distance measurements on numerous surfaces. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Worldwide smallest draw-wire sensor

With a weight of only 8 g and a size of just 19 x 19 mm, the wireSENSOR MT19 is used for displacement and distance measurements with a measuring range of 40 mm. Enabling wire accelerations of up to 60 g, the sensor is particularly used in applications where high dynamics are required (crash tests, simulators or test benches). Through-bores in the housing support easy mounting. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Capacitive rotational speed sensor

The capaNCDTCST6110 is a capacitive rotation speed sensor system for counting tasks and rotational speed measurements. The sensor is used in centrifugal test benches, balancing machines, generators, engines, shafts and drives. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Intelligent spotfinder pyrometer

The intelligent thermoMETER TIM 8 pyrometer offers automatic hot and cold spot detection in industrial applications which enables effective and reliable temperature control. Designed for standalone operation without a PC, it combines the advantages of a robust pyrometer with those of an infrared camera. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Sensor system for precise thickness measurements

thicknessGAUGE sensor systems are used for precise thickness measurement of strip materials, sheets and plates up to 25 mm. Several models with different sensor types, measuring ranges and measuring widths enable inline thickness measurements of different materials and surfaces based on an unsurpassed price/performance ratio. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Powerful Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors

The SHSLab wavefront sensor system is a powerful and complete measuring system for a large range of optical applications. It combines the SHSCam wavefront sensor head and the SHSWorks wavefront analysis software for high speed single-shot measurements with outstanding accuracy. This flexible sensor solution is robust against external influences such as vibrations. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - A New Performance Class in Inductive Measurements

The eddyNCDT 3060 inductive measurement system is based on eddy currents and enables fast, precise displacement measurements. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Miniature thermal imager for industrial processes

The thermoIMAGER TIM 160S thermal imaging camera provides precise real-time values in dynamic processes. With a frame rate of 120 Hz, it offers fast measurements surrounded by temperatures up to max. +1500 °C. The camera’s robust design makes it suitable for harsh industrial environments. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Powerful 2D/3D Laser Profile Scanners

The latest generation of scanCONTROL 30xx series laser profile scanners is extremely powerful, precise and individually adaptable. The compact laser scanners are used for highly accurate 2D/3D profile measurements in automation, production monitoring and quality control. For demanding surfaces such as red-hot objects or transparent objects, the patented blue laser scanners are ide... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Draw-wire sensors for industrial applications

wireSENSOR WPS-K100 draw-wire sensors/string potentionmeters are designed for industrial applications in indoor and outdoor use. The modular sensor design enables fast and low cost customization. The K-series sensors are used in mobile machines, cranes and lifting technology. Their robust design combined with an excellent price/performance ratio make them ideal for OEM and series applica... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Universal laser sensor for industry & automation

The optoNCDT 1750 is a powerful laser triangulation sensor which is used in high speed, displacement measurements in industrial applications. Based on an innovative web interface, the new laser sensor stands out due to its ease of use and intuitive commissioning using presets for different surface types and colors. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Temperature measurement in metal production

The new thermoMETER CTRatio pyrometer provides accurate results with non-contact temperature measurements in harsh, industrial environments. Unlike conventional pyrometers, it delivers constant measurement results even when surrounded by dust, smoke and vapors, as well as with contaminated lenses or when the object is moving within the measuring field. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - High-performance Inductive Measuring System

The eddyNCDT 3060 inductive measurement system is based on eddy currents and enables fast, precise displacement measurements in industrial environments. Based on ease of use and smart signal processing, this non-contact system defines a new performance class in inductive displacement measurement. More than 400 sensor models can be combined with the eddyNCDT 3060. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Non-contact IR Temperature Measurement

Micro Epsilon's IR temperature sensors and IR cameras measure precisely, wear free and without any physical effect or impact on the target featuring the latest state-of-the-art technology. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - High Precision Blue Laser Displacement Sensor

The new optoNCDT 2300-2DR uses blue laser light and is specially designed for displacement and distance measurements on directly reflecting surfaces. On reflective and shiny surfaces, the sensor operates at high speed and provides maximum precision in the nanometer range. In addition, the sensor stands out due to its unique compactness. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Compact laser micrometer

The new optoCONTROL 2520 laser micrometer with integrated controller has an extremely compact design. Operators can choose a maximum distance of 2 metres between transmitter and receiver. The measurement object can be placed anywhere within the light curtain that is projected between transmitter and receiver.
(read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Unique laser sensor technology

The new, compact optoNCDT 1320 triangulation sensor from sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon offers maximum precision in a minimum of space. Due to its low weight combined with compact size, the optoNCDT 1320 can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and is ideally suitable for dynamic applications. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - New flexibility for capacitive measurement

The multi-channel measurement system for capacitive displacement sensors based on the modularity principle, capaNCDT 6200; has now been extended by the new controller DT6230. Compared to its “little brother”, the DT6230 does not only offer an Ethernet but also an EtherCAT interface as well as an integrated synchronisation. Thereby, the whole system offers more flexibil... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Cost-effective, precision distance measurement

A new capacitive controller provides a combination of technical advantages and low cost. A compact sensor and user-friendly handling make the capaNCDT 6110 sensor suitable for measuring displacement, distance and position in a diverse range of applications, from test cells to highly automated environments. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Worldwide fastest confocal chromatic controller

Providing a measuring rate of 70kHz, the confocalDT 2471 HS high speed controller is currently the worldwide fastest confocal chromatic controller. The controller is used for fast distance and thickness measurements of highly reflecting surfaces. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - New price class of eddy current sensors

The eddyNCDT 3001 is a cost-effective eddy current sensor with housing that has to date only been reserved for inductive sensors and proximity sensors. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Temperature Sensor for Thin Plastic Film

The new thermoMETER CTP-3 infrared pyrometer enables the non-contact temperature measurement of thin polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene film. It operates at a wavelength of 3.43µm which is especially suitable for these types of film. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Wire Displacement Sensors

Draw-wire linear displacement sensors by Micro-Epsilon provide excellent accuracy (<0.1% FSO) at a very low cost for almost any displacement, linear motion, stroke or position application. Easy to use and reliable for measurement ranges up to 50,000mm (165 ft). Choose from more than 100 models or get it custom built. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - A Laser Sensor that Defines a New Class

Due to their compact size, the optoNCDT-1420 displacement sensors can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and are ideally suitable for dynamic applications. Very small objects can be detected reliably. The excellent price/performance ratio makes these sensors particularly attractive. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Thermal imaging camera for the glass industry

The new thermoIMAGER TIM G7 is a new, industrial thermal imaging camera specially designed for applications in the glass industry. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Flexible magneto-inductive sensors

The mainSENSOR MDS-40-MK and LP series of sensors are a new generation of cost-effective and flexible magneto-inductive sensors. Four MDS-40-MK series predefined sensor variants are available with different connector, power supply and output options. These parameters can be individually configured to suit the customer's specification for series production of 200 pieces or more. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Reliable colour measurement on difficult surfaces

Equipped with the new circular sensor, the colorCONTROL ACS7000 spectral colour measurement system performs high precision inline colour measurements on structured, highly reflective and shiny metallic surfaces. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - thermoIMAGER TIM M1-the specialist for hot metals

The thermoIMAGER TIM M1 is particularly suitable for hot metal applications. Compact, short-wave and highly dynamic are the three key attributes that describe this infrared camera. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Precision distance and position measurement

The eddyNCDT 3005 from Micro-Epsilon is a new, powerful eddy current measurement system for fast, high precision displacement measurements. Due to its pressure-resistant, thermally stable and compact design, the eddyNCDT 3005 is ideal for machine integration. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Inductive Displacement Sensors with More Precision

The inductive displacement sensors stand out due to their robustness and reliability under harsh conditions. As they provide high signal quality, temperature stability, resistance to shocks and vibrations as well as immunity to dirt and humidity, these sensors are frequently used in industrial measurement tasks. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Remotely operated vehicle for pipeline inspection

Equipped with a scanCONTROL laser scanner from Micro-Epsilon, a special vehicle inspects the inside of a pipeline for deformations and cracks. This mobile device is used in harsh environmental conditions and high ambient temperatures, e.g. in the middle of the desert and is ideally suited to automatic inspection and recording of measured data. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon Group - Magneto-inductive displacement sensors

For new mainSENSOR a completely new measurement technology has been incorporated in this product group by MICRO EPSILON. These magnetic field sensors offer a very flexibly design. The standard industrial version, the MDS-45 M30, has a 45mm measuring range and comes in a cylindrical M30 stainless steel housing; a even more compact slim M18... (read more)