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Category: Electrical Power Wires
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Northwire is your Custom Technical Cable Solutions Partner, an industry leader in the design engineering and manufacturing of technical cables, retractile coil cords, and cable assemblies. Northwire designs cable for diverse applications in medical life sciences, off road heavy equipment, aerospace / defense, industrial automation, test and measurement, and more.

  • Specialized staff members help you navigate complex national and international standards, agency compliance, environmental regulations and electrical, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements

  • Design engineering and prototype services

  • UL, CSA, IEEE, MSHA approvals

  • RoHS and REACH compliant materials

The Northwire Quality Control Laboratory is a certified testing facility for CSA under ISO 17025. This laboratory subjects the company’s cable products to tests that surpass real-world conditions, including the extremes of bending, flexing, flame, impact, crush, oil and temperature resistance. Northwire is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified and maintains various UL, CSA, IEEE and MSHA approvals and works closely with suppliers to offer RoHS and REACH compliant materials.

Northwire, Inc., headquartered in Osceola, Wis., has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and New Mexico, USA. 



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