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Category: Moisture Meters
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About Us
Shaw Moisture Meters has been at the forefront of hygrometer design and manufacture for over 60 years. We are proud of our status as globally recognised leaders in trace moisture measurement. Our extensive range of dewpoint meters, hygrometers and moisture analysers has been specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements specified by industry. We design our products to be reliable, easy to install and simple to operate, which is why we can supply a generous warranty with all our products, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

The SHAW guarantee provided with all dewpoint equipment, compliments our commitment to deliver an exemplary service every time. We go above and beyond to ensure we build a professional relationship that continues for years to come.

Product Range
Whatever your dewpoint measurement application, Shaw Moisture Meters design and manufacture trace moisture measurement equipment that will meet your requirements. Our user-friendly range of: portable dewpoint meters, inline hygrometers, dewpoint sensors and dewpoint transmitters are made to exacting specifications. Suitable for the toughest industrial and commercial applications. Click one of the links below to find out more about our extensive product range and what we have to offer. Learn more...

Service and Calibration
When you buy from Shaw Moisture Meters, the service you receive does not end after delivery of your product.

Here at SHAW, we service and calibrate all our dewpoint meters, hygrometers and trace moisture analysers. Supplying a Certificate of Calibration, traceable to National & International Humidity Standards at NPL, with all dewpoint equipment. We offer a full calibration service and dewpoint meter service for most makes, encompassing an overall range of -110 °C to +20 °C (-166 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint.

Our engineers also carry out routine servicing, commissioning, fault finding, repairs and installation services in accordance with our accredited quality system. Learn more...

Technical Information
The unique AutoCal feature and effective desiccant dry-down technology combination, produce accurate measurements of trace moisture in gases and compressed air. Built with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality. Shaw Moisture Meters dewpoint instruments are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Learn more...