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Shaw Moisture Meters - Hand Held Hygrometer with Advanced Data Logging

The SHAW SDHmini-L portable dewpoint hygrometer with advanced data logging includes state of the art features and enhancements with support of USB and Bluetooth interfaces for logging, PC connection and printing. This hand held hygrometer includes: a desiccant chamber, advanced electronics and intuitive menu structure. The full colour graphics display screen incorporates a secondary disp... (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - Portable Sample System Available

The SDHmini Portable Sample System (SDH-PSS) is suitable for the SDHmini range of dew point meters. Carefully designed to ensure that the sample pressure and flow are suitable for quick and accurate dew point measurement. Self-contained, easy to setup, easy to install and easy to use. (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - Portable Hygrometer SADP

A portable hygrometer for rapid moisture checks or continuous use on flowing gas or air (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - Natural Gas Sample System

Sample system suitable for clean, sweet Natural Gas (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - Superdew 3 Hygrometer

Single channel inline hygrometer (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - New SDHmini-Ex Portable Dewpoint Meter

Model SDHmini-Ex Hand Held Dewpoint Meter

A hand held, compact, innovative, portable dewpoint meter (read more)

Shaw Moisture Meters - Onsite Dewpoint Meter Calibration

Your dewpoint meter can be calibrated at a time and place to suit you (read more)