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Category: AC Motors
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Motor Powers Life

Shenzhen Power Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.

(Power Motor) has been a reliable motion solution provider & manufacturer since 2001. Our technology leadership, application expertise, and a wide range of platforms make us be the ideal partner for customized product development. Power Motor is committed to making our customers successful with our product differentiation and excellent mass supply chain.

For designers who demand performance leadership and assurance of mass supply, Power Motor is a reliable choice.

Product lines 

Our wide range of product lines including Universal, Brushless DC, PMDC, and Gear Motor that will serve many industries including Small Appliances, Home Technologies, Medical Devices, Industrial & Office Automation, Power Tools, and Automotive.

Range of Engineering Ability

From our powerful DC brushed and brushless motor to the AC universal motor, Power Motor standard range can be combined into more than a million different ways to build the motor for a particular application. At the same time, this can form a basic "construction kit" for combination and modification which allows us to configure a special gearbox to meet the specific needs of the customer. Moreover, our fully experienced engineer and extensive application expertise make us a valued partner for the project development and production with customer-specific motion solutions.

Why Power Motor

Innovative R&D Engineering
20 years of motor design & innovative solution experience with 300+ motor patents

Intelligent High Volume Manufacturing 
40+ automatic production lines, 3 million motors/month
Automation production line localization and innovation

Quality & Reliability Policy
Adopting the international advanced quality management system, strict management of IQC, production, and QA
Considering the rationality and convenience of the production process from the design stage

Effective Communication and Collaboration
Professional sale engineers provide one-stop customized services


To be the most reliable and innovative motion solution provider and manufacturer.

Watch Corp Video >>> PowerMotor Corp Video @ Youtube


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