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  • Server Cabinet & KVM Switches FAQ

    located in server rooms or on the desktop regardless of their platforms and operating systems. Back to Top. What is the benefit of using a KVM switch?. KVM switches have traditionally provided cost savings in reducing energy, equipment costs, while freeing up valuable real estate in a server

  • Reference Guide: Avocent SwitchView MP KVM Switch

    video monitors, and four mice. That would also take up a lot of space and waste expensive electricity. But with a KVM switch (keyboard, video, mouse), I can use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control all four systems. Avocent SwitchView MP. Product Reviews. In Brief. When you have several

  • Advancing the Art of KVM Switches

    IP lets you control servers from a greater distance than analog KVM did. While analog KVM devices and servers typically must be within several feet of each other, KVM via IP extends server control across the breadth of your IP network or even the Internet. Advancing the art of KVM switches. Search

  • USB True Emulation for KVM Switches

    Transparent and reliable USB KVM switching technology. USB True Emulation for KVM Switches USB True Emulation for KVM Switches. Transparent and reliable USB KVM. switching technology. BLACK BOX®. 72. 7 4. 2 -7. - 4. 7 6-5. - 50. 5 0 | bl. 0 | b a. l c. a k. c b. k ox. o .c. . o. c m. o. USB

  • Black Box Explains: Types of KVM Switches

    Black Box has the keyboard/video switches you need to share one CPU between several workstations or to control several CPUs from one monitor and keyboard.

  • What is a KVM Switch? Why do I need one?

    A KVM swith is an active device that allows multiple CPUs to share one keyboar, Video Display and Mouse - hence the name KVM...

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  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

  • It''s All About Power Supplies

    Transformers, Monitoring Devices, Switches and Sundry Power Supply Needs

  • Molecular Gears Turn Under Pressure

    Demonstration of some of the smallest moving parts could lead to molecular-scale switches

  • MEC Introduces Market's First NC/NO Tactile Pushbutton Switches

    NC/NO Tactile Pushbutton Switches VISTA,CALIF.—MEC, an APEM Inc. company, is launching its Multimec®5 Series NC/NO switches, the market’s first NCNO tactile push button switch, for North American distribution. Available Sept.16, 2013, the 5 Series NC/NO switches will help designers and manufacturers simplify design, increase functionality and enhance safety features in their products. MEC’s NC/NO switches offer NC (make), NO (break) and NC/NO (switchover, multifunction) functionalities, providing numerous possibilities for use, especially in safety, security and medical applications. MEC’s Multimec®5 Series NC/NO switches provide reliability, performance, and versatility with a life time of over one million actuations, IP67 sealing, low contact resistance( With an extensive portfolio of button caps combined with customization and specialty options, including FOILMEC, NAVIMEC, CONTROLMEC and AQUAMEC, MEC’s NCNO 5 Series switches can be tailored to fit any application. To learn more about MEC’s NC/NO 5 Series switches, please visit www.mec-switches.com or contact David Allen at 760-598-2518. MECSwitches Founded in 1938, MEC, an APEM Inc. company, has earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality switches. With over 75 years’ experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art electromechanical components, MEC leverages the experience and expertise of its people along with design excellence, the use of top-quality materials and stringent production standards to ensure that MEC products are always on the leading edge of technology and offer maximum reliability and performance. For more information about MEC switches,accessories and specialty options, visit the company’s website at www.mec-switches.com or contact APEM, Inc., 63 Neck Road, Haverhill, MA 01835 Tel: 978-372-1602 or APEM, Inc. 970 Park Center Drive, Vista, CA 92081 Tel:760-598-2518. MEC Switchesand CH Productsare tradenames of APEM,Inc.

  • SMK Develops a Transparent Capacitive Touch Switch Designed for Curved Surfaces

    TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SMK Corporation (TOKYO:6798) has developed and has started taking orders for its "CapLux Touch?" as an addition to its lineup of capacitive switches. This touch switch can be attached to curved surfaces using a double-sided tape. Because it is aesthetically pleasing and transparent, the switch can be backlit using a lighting source such as LED to improve the visibility in dark environments. The "CapLux Touch?", which will be produced at SMK's Toyama plant in Japan, can s

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KVM Switch

KVM Switch- 1 User controls up to 3 CPUs. The Thinklogical OriginKVM 3125 is a high performance KVM switch that enables one user station to access and switch between three multi-platform computers or servers. The OriginKVM improves operational productivity, from the simplest to the most complex requirements and for a variety of applications; such as hardware/software development and testing labs, network server management, and multi-workstation operation. KVM Switch- 2 Users control up to 8...

Tripp Lite
IP KVM Switches

as if they were directly connected to the computer. redundant dual power supplies keep the KVM switch running if the primary power supply fails. built-in sensors save energy and prolong fan life by regulating fan speed according to the unit's temperature. multi-level authentication (Super Administrator, Administrator and User). multi-platform support (windows, Linux, UNIX, Novell, Mac and DOS). Additional information. view the entire line of KVM Switches and Console Servers. view IP-capable KVM Switches...

Black Box
Quad-Viewer with KVM Switch

between the operation modes, and select your keyboard and mouse operation by using the buttons on the front of the switch, keyboard commands, or mouse functions. Use almost anywhere. You can use this switch in a variety of environments, such as in control rooms, server farms, security systems, and anywhere you need to monitor multiple video sources. Visualize everything. You can also use the ServSwitch 4site Flex to tie up to four KVM switching systems together. Centralize management...