MOD-N Binary Counter Counter and Timer Boards Datasheets

6-ch, 16-bit Counter/Timer ISA Card -- PCL-836
from Advantech

Periodic interrupt generation. 6 independent 16-bit counters. Digital filter for noise reduction. Binary or BCD counting. Programmable frequency output. Complex duty-cycle output. Single-shot output. 16-bit TTL input and 16-bit TTL output ports. Selectable interrupt input channel. Up to 10 MHz input... [See More]

  • Counter Type: BCD/Decade Counter; MOD-N
  • Number of Counters: 6
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 16-bit Counter/Timer ISA Card
  • Counter Resolution: 16
Onyx-MM -- OMM-XT
from Diamond Systems Corporation

3 16 bit counter/timers, 48 digital io, 3 pc104 interrupt pins [See More]

  • Counter Type: BCD/Decade Counter (optional feature); MOD-N (optional feature)
  • Number of Counters: 3
  • Counter / Timer Chip: 82C54 IC
  • Counter Resolution: 16