Threaded Mount Electrical Feedthroughs Datasheets

Bare Electrode Sealing Glands - EGT Series
from Conax Technologies

Features: Seals 1 Electode or Element. For Gas or Non-Conductive Liquid. Stainless Steel Reusable Fitting. "Soft Sealant". Electrode Easily Assembled or Replaced In Field. Pressure*: Vacuum to 2,500 PSI (170 bar) (Refer to Pressure Rating Guide). Voltage: To 8000 VDC. Amperage: To 525. Available... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Voltage: 8000
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Power; Electrode
  • Current: 525
Coaxial Cable Connector Hermetic Feedthrus -- 25400
from Douglas Electrical Components

No more bent pins, mismatched connector sets, miswired harnesses, false readings due to contact resistance or special order delays: OptiSeal is delivered prewired, pretested and ready-to-install. Fiber optic feedthroughs and connectors are available from Douglas Electrical Components as a complete... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded; Nut
  • Voltage: 500
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Coaxial; Instrumentation (optional feature); Power (optional feature); Radio Frequency (optional feature); Thermocouple (optional feature)
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 177
1" Bolt Crystal Feedthrough, Microdot-to-BNC
from Nor-Cal Products, Inc.

Nor-Cal Products offers a wide range of Crystal Feedthroughs designed to accommodate a variety of deposition systems. These feedthoughs provide the atmosphere to vacuum connection between the crystal sensor and oscillator. Various flange configurations as well as bolt style baseplate feedthroughs... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Vacuum Rating: 1.00E-9
  • Temperature Range: 150
  • Number of Conductors: 2
Multiconductor Feedthrough -- MFT Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

These all new multiconductor feedthroughs are designed for use in applications that require several sensors to pass through a wall or bulkhead at one opening or within a small area. Heavy duty 416 stainless steel construction allows this fitting to be used in high pressure or vacuum applications. [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Connector Type: NPT
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Instrumentation
Electrical Feedthrough -- 1000 Amp, High Current, Water-Cooled
from A&N Corporation

1000 Amp, High Current, Water-Cooled [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Current: 1000
Versatile Hermetic Feedthrough M8 3-Pin Connectors -- 40698
from Tekna Seal LLC

Tekna Seal's glass-to-metal sealed version of the M8 3-Pin connector is a versatile hermetic feedthrough for sensor, instrumentation and video applications. The body of the feedthrough can be screwed into a threaded hole and sealed with an o-ring to produce a sealed device housing. Electrical... [See More]

  • Feedthrough Mount: Threaded
  • Voltage: 500
  • Electrical Feedthrough Type: Instrumentation
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 150