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28V 4-Channel High-Power Solid-State Power Controller -- RP-263XXN0
from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

The RP-263XXN0 is a compact, multi-channel Solid-State Power Controller card, with capability to distribute and control power for four independent subsystems. Each channel may be programmed for a rated current of up to 75 amps. [See More]

  • Features: EMI Tolerant; Instant Trip Protection; Nuisance Trip Suppression; Over-Current Protection; Overvoltage Protection; Soft Turn on; Thermal Memory; True I2t Protection
  • Mounting: PCBoard
  • SSPC Type: DC Controller; Microcontroller based; Programmable
  • Maximum Switching Current: ? to 300
Double Pole Solid State Remote Power Controller -- E-1071-623/627
from E-T-A Circuit Breakers

Type: E-1071-623/627. The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controllers E-1071-623/627 are electronic control modules suitable for inductive loads such as electromagnetic valves (solenoids), magnetic brakes etc. They are used: • for safe and quick switching of loads. • for monitoring the... [See More]

  • Features: Overvoltage Protection; Visual Indicator
  • Mounting: DIN
  • SSPC Type: DC Controller
  • Maximum Switching Current: 3.1
from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog

Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter and USB Current-Limit Power Switch. Light-Load, High-Efficiency Eco-mode ™ Control Scheme (TPS2500). or Constant Frequency (TPS2501). 1.8-V to 5.25-V Input Voltage (2.2-V Minimum Start-Up Voltage). Adjustable USB Current Limit. 130 mA to 1400 mA... [See More]

  • Features: Over-Current Protection; Overvoltage Protection; Soft Turn on
  • Mounting: 10SON
  • SSPC Type: Microcontroller based
  • Input Current (Control Signal) Range: 1.30E-5 to 4.80E-4