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  • Reliability Study Conducted: Leadless Chip Thermistor with High Temperature Solder Leach Resistant Gold Contacts, Die Mounted with Eutectic Au/Sn Solder by Customer (.pdf)
    this concept, which resulted in. greatly improved Au/Sn eutectic die bonding yields and adhesion strength, the Customer requested Cornerstone to supply. what is now a T051D103.02.H thermistor to meet this requirement. For more information, please contact Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. toll-free at 800-955-1470
  • Life Test Stability/Aging Data Obtained from Two Studies (.pdf)
    . The customer used propriety methods to mount the thermistors with conductive. epoxy onto the customer’s substrate, perform the gold wire bonding operation, and seal them into TO-46 packages that were. soldered to test fixtures designed and built by the customer. The fixtures were separated into 3 groups
  • Application Circuits of the TC620/TC621Solid-State Temperature Sensors
    ” option bonding. This. R. inverts the Regulate output logic. This is necessary. TRIP High = 120.6 kΩ ≈ 121 kΩ 1%. when using “NTC”-type thermistors because the inter-. nal logic is designed to function with a “PTC”-type ther-. As the sun heats the thermistor assembly, the pump wil. mistor
  • Motors in Radiation-Intensive Environments
    Motion control in radiation-intensive environments poses a serious challenge to the design engineer. Conventional step and microstepping motors are susceptible to high-energy gamma radiation particles that will attack non-metallic materials. As a result, lubricants, varnish, lamination bonding
  • Introduction to Strain Gages
    change in surface length is communicated to the resistor and the corresponding strain is measured in terms of the electrical resistance of the foil wire, which varies linearly with strain. The foil diaphragm and the adhesive bonding agent must work together in transmitting the strain, while
  • Non-contact Temperature Measurement and Control (.pdf)
    thicker than 2.5 mm can. be measured using 8-14 micron. instruments, but thin films of. plastic are partial y transparent. in this waveband. However the. characteristics of molecular. bonding eliminate the. transmitted energy completely. at certain wavelengths. Polyethylene, polypropylene,. nylon

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