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  • Bronze and Copper-Alloy Bearings
    scoring resistance. Since lead is practically insoluble in copper, a cast copper-lead microstructure consists of lead pockets in a copper matrix. These pockets of lead serve as reservoirs for maintaining a continuous lead film on the bearing surface. With either continuous casting
  • Rotary Batch Blenders Help DIP Get Pre-Mixes to Market Fast
    its current capacity of 10,000 metric tons per year. DIP is owned by two other metals companies: Feralpi Siderurgica and Sider Sipe of Italy. The DIP strategy calls for continuous improvement of its product range, with an emphasis on high-performance powders, such as those used to manufacture
  • Embrittlement of Ancient Silver (.pdf)
    between. remanent cold-deformation and discontinuous. precipitation. Experiments have shown that. cold-deformation can reduce the early growth. rate of discontinuous precipitation at grain. boundaries in silver-copper alloys at elevated. temperatures. The reduction could be due to. Figure 6
  • Coffee Supplier Has a Taste for a High-Output blender
    Batch Dryers/Coolers.   • Mini Rotary Batch Mixers. • Vee-Cone Blenders. • Ribbon/Paddle/Plow Blenders. • Fluidized Bed Mixers. • Cylindrical Plow Blenders. • Rotary Continuous Blenders. • High-Intensity Blenders. SIZE REDUCTION. Large Bulk Size Reduction.   • CX Heavy Duty Cutters.   • Rotary Lump
  • General Milling Application Data - Milling 101
    . a. cutting forces when compared to the positive rake. d. In general, use negative rakes for cast iron, interrupted. l. cuts, and on rigid high horsepower machining for steels. a. c. Use positive rakes for aluminum, titanium, copper, most. i. stainless steels, thin or easily deflected parts, steels
  • Four Things Engineers Must Know About Locking Fasteners to Keep Their Products and Careers in the Fast Lane
    steels and stain-. tener for the job. less steels as well as in aluminum, brass and copper. Among the various types of fasteners and tool-. Due to displacement of material to create the threads. ing, some offer specific advantages for certain appli-. in cold form tapping, however, a dimensional allow