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  • Advanced Gas Analysis - On the Go (.pdf)
    faced a technology limitations: Would you prefer a complete and reliable tool,. which will be bulky, complicated and inconvenient? Or would you like a nice portable one that’s simple and. lightweight, but unreliable and limited in its capability?. Truly complete gas analyzers were diffi cult to use in fi
  • Methamphetamine Laboratories Put Responders At Risk
    . Terms & Conditions. Contact Us. Careers. Products. Portable Monitors. Multi-Gas. Single-Gas. Fixed Systems. Controllers. Detector Heads. Calibration Equipment. Calibration Stations. Regulators. Cylinders. Specialty Instruments. Formaldehyde Detector. Paper Tape Monitor. Oxygen Analyzer. Photoelectron
  • Containment Technologies Group
    an opportunity to confirm the phase change in aqueous naproxen sodium from liquid to vapor. The mobile isolation chamber used in the evaluation was proved to be vapor or gas tight by testing with an ammonia gas testing technique. During this test, ammonia is released inside the enclosure

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  • A portable ammonia gas analyzer in the 0.02–104 ppm range based on an MOS sensor
    A portable ammonia gas analyzer in the 0.02–104 ppm range based on an MOS sensor .
    This kind of NO-NO -NO analyzer has a problem in measuring NO concentration when ammonia is present, and thus, in some cases, a portable flue gas analyzer (Eurotron) was utilized to analyze NO concentration.
  • Analysis of the products of the natural decay of high explosives by subterahertz and infrared Fourier spectroscopy
    The local detection of these HE gas markers (particularly ammonia ) on the ppb–ppt level can be accomplished using portable gas analyzers based on laser diodes and optical–acoustic spectroscopy, which today have the highest sensitivity to absorption (as high as 10–12 cm–1 ) [16...
  • Climatic Parameters, Ammonia Emission and Milk Performance in a Naturally Ventilated Cow Shed
    ...measurements Surface temperature of the structure: Infrared camera Air movement in the animal zone: Visualization by smoke generator; air velocity measuring using ultrasonic anemometer and other portable instruments Gases (e.g. carbon dioxide and ammonia ): Multi-Gas- Analyzer Air volume flow: tracer...
  • International Exposition of New Equipment for Fuel-Power and Oil and Gas Complexes
    ...the con- trol of production processes in the oil, gas, and chemical industries; OAO Mytishchinskii Priborostroitel’nyi Zabod makes portable laboratories for testing the... ...Khromdet-Ékologiya (Chelyabinsk) fabricates gas analyzers to determine the content... ...and petroleum products, chlorine, ammonia , carbon dioxide, and ozone...
  • 6.01.05 — NASA, Spacehab Seek To Advance Air Monitoring Technology
    The Model 1412 is perfect for applications such as: NH3 Agricultural Monitoring, Portable Ammonia Slip Monitoring, Tracer Gas Studies, IAQ, Aqueous Monitoring, Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Mobile & Stationary Source Monitoring... Titan Industrial Gas Analyzers .
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric List
    ...Materials—Determination of the Basic Nitrogen Content in Rubber Antioxidant: Polymerized TMQ, Test Method for, D5376 (09.01) Rubber Products—Chemical Analysis, Test Methods for, D297 (09.01) Nitrogen content—water Ammonia Nitrogen In Water, Test... ...the Automated Determination of Gas Concentrations, Practice for, D5835... ...Workplace Atmosphere by the Chemiluminescent Method, Test Methods for, D3824 (11.07) Determination of Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen Concentrations in Emissions from Natural Gas-Fired Reciprocating Engines, Combustion Turbines, Boilers, and Process Heaters Using Portable Analyzers , Test Method for, D6522...
  • Handbook of Gas Sensor Materials when polyaniline is used as a transducer in optical fiber sensors for ammonia sensing, a He–Ne... However, analysis shows that in optical, fiber optic gas sensors and vari- ous portable gas analyzers , semiconductor-based light sources (LEDs and laser diodes) offer the best advantages in terms of size, cost, power consumption, and reliability (Selvarajan and Asoundi 1995).
  • Hazards of corrosion - issue 006
    • Carbon steel pipelines on specific duties involving flammable or toxic fluids or potential serious production loss, for example: • Liquefied ammonia • Liquefied petroleum gas • Very high pressure steam, etc The purpose of checking is mainly to ensure that, for... 1 The METASCOP is a portable spectrographic analyser .
  • Field Test Trucks Fulfilling EPA'07 Emission Levels On-Road by Utilizing the Combined DPF and Urea-SCR System
    ...up/slip catalyst is installed downstream the Urea-SCR catalysts taking care of possible ammonia slip, see figure... SYSTEM & MEASUREMENTS The on-road emission measurements of the 23 trucks were performed with a portable FTIR gas analyzer manufactured by Temet [9].
  • Influence of dioxin reduction on chemical composition of sintering exhaust gas with adding urea
    The method of Nessler spectrophotometry was used to detect ammonia , with precision of 0.03 mg/m3 . The portable flue gas analyzer KM9406E produced by British Kane Company was used to analyze the contents of O2, CO, SO2, NOx in exhaust gas.
  • Compaction of Bedded Dairy Manure Storage to Reduce Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    2) After compaction for 24 hours, the weight was removed from each sample and ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions were measured from the surface of the samples using a flux chamber and infrared photoacoustic multi-gas analyzer (Model 1412, Innova, Denmark, [measuring... The portable flux chamber was a non-steady state design that provides internal circulating air across the...
  • Emerging topics and new developments in the field: the 2012 international breath analysis meeting
    ...a capillary absorption spectrometer for precision stable carbon isotope studies in small gaseous or ablated solid samples (Jim Kelly, Richland, USA), Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy to measure ethylene and ammonia as well as some... ...spectroscopy based acetone breath analyzer (Chuji Wang, Mississippi State... Other, non-spectroscopic sensor concepts that were described in presentations include portable Si:WO3 gas sensors for breath acetone monitoring (Marco Righettoni, Zurich, Switzerland), a compact high-speed nanosensor array based on carbon nanotubes (Ami Hannon, Moffet Field, USA), a mobile platform...