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  • Supplier: KROHNE Group

    Description: Mechanical Flow Controllers DW 181 | DW 182 | DW 183 | DW 184 Mechanical, autonomous flow switches - no power supply needed For horizontal and vertical pipes from DN 15 up to DN 3000 - and higher High reliability and repeatability up to 300°C / 570°F The DW 18 series of flow controller

    • Number of Control Outputs: 1 outputs
    • Controller Inputs: Switch / Relay Input
    • Control Signal Output: Switch / Relay Output
    • Control Technique: Limit / Set Point Control

  • Supplier: Scott Safety

    Description: The easy-tow Liberty I is a totally enclosed single axle trailer that is well suited for mobile applications. It comes with two ASME storage cylinders, Scott Safety Revolve Air charge station, Scott Safety X4 controller/monitor (monitors CO & Dew Point) for safety operation, and is capable of

    • Discharge / Operating Pressure: 6000 psi
    • Flow Capacity: 25.5 SCFM
    • Horse Power: 20 HP
    • Lubrication Style: Lubricated

  • Description: Measurement for Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) +/- 50ppm Profile & Roundness Measurement to 2.55ppm Thread Plug and Thread Ring gages from 0-17" (Both Standard & Special sizes), ANPT, NPTF, L1, L2, L3 Cylindrical Master Ring Gages to XXX Linear Variable Differential Transformer calibration

    • Services Offered: Bench Repair (Off-site), Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop, Pick-up and Delivery, Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts, Rapid Turnaround, Replacement / Exchange Program, Product Sales - Used / Refurbished,
    • Acoustic / Vibration Equipment: Sound Level Meters / Dosimeters, Position Sensor / Instrument, Speed / Velocity Instrument
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data Acquisition / Signal Conditioning, Data / Chart Recorder, Data / Chart Recorder, RF / Microwave Instruments, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Oscilloscopes / Scopes, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Specialty / Other
    • Process / Laboratory: Autoclaves and Sterilizers, Conductivity / Dissolved Solids Meters, Circulators and Baths, Flow Instruments, Environmental Test Chambers, Force Instruments, Gas / Air, Freezer / Refrigerator, Furnaces / Ovens, Incubators, Humidity Generators, Humidity / Moisture Instruments, Level Sensors /

  • Description: Temperature Controller: Full PID autotuning Displays: Upper - 4 digits, high brightness green LED. 0.4 in. (10mm) high. (Process temperature) Lower - 4 digits, orange LED. 0.35 in. (9mm) high (Set point temperature) LED Output Indicator: Flashing square, green Keypad: 3 elastomeric buttons

  • Description: Heat treat ovens are very common in the heat treat industry and are commonly referred to as Companion Draw Furnaces or Draw Batch Furnace. Wisconsin Oven offers 40 standard SDB heat treat oven models. Ten (10) standard sizes Four (4) temperature ranges. Standard maximum continuous temperature

    • Temperature Range: 1400 F
    • Application: Heat Treating
    • External Configuration: Bench / Cabinet
    • Heat Source / Transfer: Combustion, Electric / Resistance, Natural Gas

  • Description: Travaini high efficiency liquid ring vacuum pump, monoblock design Heavy duty flexible coupling, no field alignment or lubrication required NEMA C-face TEFC, motor, 3 phase 60 hz, 230/460 volt, class F, 1.15 service factor Separator reservoir with level gauge, temperature & pressure gauge and

    • Ultimate Operating Vacuum: 10.7 to 379 torr
    • Pumping Speed: 200 CFM
    • Configuration: Vacuum Pump System / Station
    • Mechanical Pump Type: Liquid Ring

  • Description: Dual spindle turning lathe with gantry robots. Ideal for Batch Runs to High Volume Production Raw Material Output as a Completed Part Costly In-Process Inventory Drastically Reduced Dual Spindles, 10 Tool Turrets Drilling, Tapping and Milling on Both Spindles Gantry Loader, Tool Touch Probes, Work

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  • A Vision Based Position System for Robot Picking
    Robotic Flexible Polishing System (RFPS) is nowadays applied to process complex faces, i.e. water taps in this paper, based on machine vision technology which makes up for the defects of human and works efficiently on detection on production line.
  • The International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments
    � a glove containing sensors, move, pick up, and manipulate objects in a virtual world (remember the scene in the movie Disclosure where the character is rifling though folders in a digital file drawer); or to control robotic machines that translate one�s movements � � domain, providing feedback not just through visual and audial cues but through a tap on the shoulder �
  • Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
    Originally designed as cognitive game interfaces they have subsequently been applied as brain machine interfaces to directly manipulate robotic arms [1], drive a car [2] or mentally select images using the P300 oddball paradigm to call contacts by mentally selecting their image � � gauging how a few bits of information are transported through the brain when tapping a finger, and �
  • CR4 - Thread: a good cnc machine for a beginner?
  • Intelligent sensing and control for advanced teleoperation
    The coop- erative control of madmachine systems is then accomplished through the SKC fusion process invoked by stimuli from both human and machine, where sensing, knowledge, and com- mand of a human and a machine are tapped into the network to provide � z, SKC Fusion Network �SKC fusion network� represents a fundamental robotic ar- chitecture on which the real �
  • Robots of the future
    The crux of the matter is that the intelligent machine -brain will see patterns we humans have � With the ready availability of technologies like the Microsoft DSS (or other competing technologies) for writing in an easy manner the programs needed for distributed robotic applications, it is now possible for a network of wireless robots to tap into the .
  • Composite manipulator utilizing rotary piezoelectric motors: new robotic technologies for Mars in-situ planetary science
    We have developed a new 3D air layup resin transfer mold (RTM) process for graphite-resin systems [5] for which the resulting billets are machinable and tappable ; we have used early samples to construct MarsArmil, a smaller MicroArm still in integration & � As a general rule, we believe it will be possible to realize robotic architectures of 50-70 �
  • Condition Monitoring of Power Station Primary Electrical Plant
    Visual Inspections The traditional generator "crawl through" and "wedge tap " provided a lot of information on � Developments in robotic and remote visual inspection techniques mean that a full crawl through is no longer strictly necessary, provided reasonable access is available to the ends of the machine .
  • Table of Contents
    � Hand Using On-line Learning Method -Investigation of MutualAdaptation between Human and Adaptable Machine , pp. 599-604 � � Time Lag Effects of Utterance to Communicative Actions on CG Character-Human Greeting Interaction, pp. 629-634 Yamamoto, Michiya Watanabe, Tomio Control Mechanisms ofPerceived Phase Error on Synchronized Tapping -Toward Communication Support Systems � � Autism Interacting with a Robotic Toy, pp. 646- 651 �
  • Designer Materials for Architecture
    � the self-assembly properties of DNA can be used to create quite complicated nano-scale structures.9 DNA has proven to be a particularly versatile molecule, especially since its computing power can be tapped to create tiny machines that can speak directly � � nanomechanical sensors, switches and tweezers, which can also be used for more complex robotic functions using techniques �
  • How to be skilful: opportunistic robustness and normative sensitivity
    One can verbally dictate poems, write them out longhand, or tap them out in morse code. We might even think the potential in so-called brain- machine interfaces, where various robotic or virtual tools are manipulated by thought alone, might rule out the necessity for any motor component whatsoever (see: Clark 2007).
  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    � techniques, 2807 Surface contouring, 835 Surface cross-linking, 104, 107, 112 Surface degradation, 112 Surface engineering, 2798 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), 1303�1305 Surface finish in IF, 440 Surface grinding machine , 841�842 Surface modification, 107�108 � � 1131 System integrators, for robotic welding, 2441 Tactile sensing, 2434 Tactile sensor, 2058 Tagnite surface treatment, 3045�3046 Tangential acceleration, 1722 Taps , 827�828 Task-space �