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Parts by Number for Vector Modulator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PMB2201 Perfect Parts Corporation SIEMENS A G RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulator 800 MHz - 1500 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VECTOR MODULATOR
HPMX-2005 Perfect Parts Corporation HEWLETT PACKARD CO RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulator 50 MHz - 200 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VECTOR MODULATOR
HMC500LP3E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulator 1800 MHz - 2200 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VECTOR MODULATOR
HMC630LP3E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulator 700 MHz - 1000 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VECTOR MODULATOR
HMC631LP3E Perfect Parts Corporation HITTITE MICROWAVE CORP RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulator 1800 MHz - 2700 MHz RF/MICROWAVE VECTOR MODULATOR
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  • AN3001: PIN Diode Vector Modulators
    M/A-COM's PQFN vector modulator platform offers a means of varying attenuation and phase in a single surface mount package. These vector modulators offer linear phase and minimal amplitude ripple in their bands of operation. Due to using PIN diodes as the active devices, these vector modulators
  • Introduction to Digital and Vector Modulation (.pdf)
    are not used. for analog transmission. Vector Modulation. Classical modulation schemes use either amplitude or angle mod-. ulation. The modulators used can either generate angle modula-. tion (frequency or phase) or amplitude modulation. The modulator. does not allow both the angle and amplitude
  • Care and Feeding of the PIC16C74 and Its Peripherals
    . 22h. ;temporary data holding register seems we always need one. org 0. goto. init. ;go to where our code really begins. org. 5h. ;begin program above interrupt service vector address. init. bcf. INTCON,7. ;make sure we don’t get interrupted. clrf. PORTA. ;don’t rely on anything, set port latches
  • Design Concepts for Semiconductor based Ultra-Linear Varactor Circuits (Invited)
    an. indication of the system-level responses for linear. varactors, a varactor-based "true" time delay phase. shifter is designed and the system-level linearity. parameters, like adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR). and error vector magnitude (EVM), are evaluated for. various application conditions
  • Eliminating sensors from closed-loopcontrol
    . Here's how encoderless systems compare with more traditional motor-control methods. To operate efficiently, a conventional flux-vector PWM drive needs to know the rotor flux angle inside an ac-induction motor. A pulse encoder typically supplies information about rotor speed and angular position
  • Generating Frequency Chirp Signals to Test Radar Systems (.pdf)
    . This. bandwidth and deviation capability exceeds that required to gen-. Method 2. erate a typical chirp signal. External IQ (Vector Signal Generator). To generate a chirp signal a ramp generator is connected to the. FM port of the signal generator to sweep the carrier frequency. The 3410 series digital RF
  • Do You Know Acousto-optics?
    of the material and with an acoustic wave-. length dependent on the frequency of the RF signal. Any inci-. dent laser beam will be diffracted by this grating, generally. Κi = 2πni – wave vector of the incident beam. λ. giving a number of diffracted beams. 0. Interaction conditions. Κd = 2πnd – wave vector
  • GSM Testing Using the 2026 Family Signal Generators with Option 116 (.pdf)
    signals for GSM receiver testing if data recovery is need-. ed from signals having a repetitive data structure. However, when. used in this way is typically better than that of ARB-Vector based. signal generators generating the same signal. To understand why this is the case you need to simply